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Manny's Law, Getting a Bike


Linebacker Manny Lawson might be on injured reserve but he's still a daily presence at team headquarters in Santa Clara. Check out some of his recent blog below, and then visit for the rest with the option of posting comments!

Last time I checked in I was on crutches. I'm proud to say I'm now crutch-free. 

Rehab is going very well. I get to run in the pool and do water aerobics. Despite what you might think, that is a very strenuous activity. There are four guys in there who all like to think we can pretty much handle most things, but after swimming and running around the pool, doing little leg lifts, fish kicks and what we call Joe Joe Tae Kwan Do, named after Joe Cohen because of the humorous way he describes the drill.

It's very frustrating to see my team struggling. We had such high expectations this season and we are just not reaching them. You can tell the guys really want to be great, but luck nor anything else is not on our side right now. I think speaking for all of our guys who are hurt right now, it's even worse because we are all sympathetic to what is going on but we can't do anything about it to help. It's very hard to see your team struggling like this.

In the end, we just all need to stick together and remember that we're a family and we need to turn to each other and pull ourselves out of this.

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