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Manny's Law, Camp Review


Linebacker Manny Lawson checks in below with a few thoughts on the 49ers mini camp. Make sure to click the link below to get his complete blog over on, where you can interact with Manny.

I'll start off with mini camp. The end.

Just kidding, but I didn't get to do anything in mini camp so it's not my favorite topic. It was good to see all of the guys here and it seems that mini camp really signifies the start of the new season, and a new beginning. With the newly acquired free agents, guys from the draft and guys who have been here all working together, we are a new team and it was good to see everyone come together.

But personally, I was a little frustrated. I was hoping to get out and mix it up with some of the guys and do a little bit more in individual drills. I tried to sneak away but Jeff Ferguson, our head athletic trainer has these hawk eyes that are set on finding Manny. I don't know how he does it but everywhere I went he ended up right beside me. He was very sneaky like that. Right when I thought I was getting away, he'd be right there tugging on my jersey, because he knew if he didn't stop me, I was going out there.

But he stopped me, and I spent most of my time conditioning with Joe Cohen and Melvin Oliver. I've done just about everything though - cutting, moving laterally, stopping and starting. I have been cleared – crystal clear, see-thru clear, but they just want to be cautious. There's no rush. The season isn't tomorrow or a week from now, so I do have plenty of time to mix it up and become even better.

That being said, it's driving me nuts. I tried to soak up as much as I could from watching and I tried to help coach up Parys Haralson and Jay Moore on things that I was seeing out there.

So that's really the end of my discussion about mini camp.

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