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Manny's Law: Back to Work

Linebacker Manny Lawson has updated his blog on Visit our social networking site to be his friend or share your own blogs, videos and photos!

Here's a brief tidbit from his blog.

We had a brief team meeting today with Coach Singletary. It is still a little weird that he's my head coach now, not just my position coach. I still look at him as my position coach and I'm still trying to get my one-on-one time in with him. He'll be trying to watch the offense out at practice now when I'm used to talking to him, but he still makes time for me during the day. He always finds time to help me out.

Coach has basically told us that it's up to us as players to get things turned around, and he's holding us all accountable. I think that's how it is supposed to be. We are the only ones playing the game. Yes, he coaches us, and yes our coaches oversee and make calls, but it's our job play after play to execute if we want to come away with a win.

We feel that Monday night's game against Arizona is a chance for us to get back on the right foot. I believe deep down within myself that the way our season has gone is not who we truly are as a team. We've gotten the worst of worst breaks and we haven't helped ourselves. I believe that it's our time. I think we are due and I think everyone on this team feels that way.

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