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Lawson's Camp Wrap Up Blog



Linebacker Manny Lawson will continue with his popular column, "Manny's Law," for the third season in a row. We'll post short excerpts here on, but you'll have to join Manny over on to get the full story! **

I was very excited when camp came around, couldn't wait. Like I said, I was probably the only NFL player looking forward to camp, besides maybe free agents who are just hoping to get a shot somewhere. That lasted for about a week and a half, and then it wasn't that camp was bad, but being in a confined space can really get to you. It can make you see things that are not really there, and just adds to the paranoia that camp brings. I don't know the dimensions of my hotel room but it seems to get smaller and smaller. My days consisted of this – go to work, come back late, eat a little bit, cut the tv on, cut the tv off, go to sleep, wake up, go to work, come back and your room is the exact same – except they came and made your bed. You really don't get good sleep, and then you also may get randomly drug tested in the morning. The one night you are actually getting some decent sleep, you just know that they are going to come knock on your door for testing. It's just a given. When you do sleep, you dream football. Being a defensive player, I dream about making hits and running into people so I would jump myself right out of sleep and be up for another 30 minutes all because I had a dream I made a tackle. Not good.

I really love playing football though, and it's great to be back. Especially the way things are looking for us. We've got some things we need to tighten up, but I'm really about this team and it's not only me – everyone is excited. Just hearing other guys talk about "Wow, we've got a really good offense," or "We've got a really good defense." That's just even more motivation to want to be a big part of things.

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