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Kyle Shanahan, John Lynch Join 49ers Players in Week of Navy SEAL Training

Before Eli Harold dove into his hot takes on Marvel's latest blockbuster, 'Avengers: Infinity War,' the linebacker shared some insight into the team's offseason program. The San Francisco 49ers spent a week of Phase 2 working out with the veteran Navy SEALs of APG (Acumen Performance Group).

Harold had an interesting response when asked about the rigorous training.

"It was fun," he said on the 49ers Studios Podcast.

Wait, what? I can think of a number of adjectives to describe being put through the paces by retired Navy SEALs. "Fun" wouldn't be one of them.

"You've got to learn how to get comfortable being uncomfortable," Harold explained his takeaways from the week. "Knowing that when you push yourself to that limit, when your body is burned and you're done, you can go a little more. Finding that, and translating that from their training to the field, I feel like that's what's going to separate us from most teams. Everyone is going to buy into that."

The grueling week alongside some elite retired military members was certainly great for team morale. But what took the exercise a step further was the fact that the players weren't alone in their misery. Members of the 49ers coaching staff and front office joined in on the workouts.

John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan worked side-by-side with their players to get through each activity.

"The coaches did it with us!" Harold reiterated. "The general manager was out there! (John) was out there. Kyle Shanahan (was out there). Every coach. Everyone who works with John. Everyone was out there.

"It means a lot. It shows a lot about the kind of organization we have here."

Lynch and Shanahan speak endlessly about building culture and bringing in the right players who will buy into their vision. It will go a long way with players to see that their leaders are willing to walk-the-walk as well.