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Key Contributors Get Some Work

With Friday being a day off for the players, the 49ers last day of training camp passed with very little fanfare. Not so though for the players, who were ecstatic about moving out of the hotel and returning to their own homes in the evening.

"I am not going to lie, it feels good to be out of camp," said linebacker Parys Haralson. "As soon as they told us we could broke, I broke, went home and got in my own bed. We'd been at the hotel so long, it's almost like I had to adjust to my own home."

Three and a half weeks in a hotel meant empty cupboards and a trip to the grocery store on his afternoon off.


Ashley Lelie was one of a few players who returned to work on a limited basis on Saturday.
"I had to hit Safeway first thing and then I just enjoyed the day at home watching my own television and getting caught up on all of my shows."

Haralson and company returned to work on Saturday for an afternoon practice.

The session in shells and helmets marked the return for a few expected key offensive contributors. Running back Michael Robinson and receivers Arnaz Battle and Ashley Lelie took part in practice on a limited basis.

"It's a great opportunity to get out of the training room first of all, but to get back on the field and get back in sync with the offense," said Battle who missed the last two preseason games. "It was tough to watch, but there's nothing I can really do with a hamstring strain. I've been rehabbing it and now I can get back out there. I just want to get my timing down, get in sync with the offense with all of the motioning, the alignment and just get out there and have fun making plays."

With J.T. O'Sullivan now being named the starter, Battle and Lelie look forward to maximizing the next two weeks of practice with the quarterback before the season opener against Arizona.

"It's good to finally get out of the training room and back on the field and to get the timing down with the quarterbacks, especially J.T. since he's going to be the guy," said Lelie. "J.T. knows how to make plays. When stuff doesn't go exactly as it's drawn up, he still knows how to get the job done and make plays on the fly. IT's very important to hone in our skills and shape up the offense and get everyone tuned in for Arizona."

Robinson had been out since the third day of training camp when he injured his knee, which required a scope.

"I feel like a football player again," said Robinson. "I actually felt like I was part of something again. I did a lot of individual work, ran a lot of routes, just trying to get back into the swing of things. It's strong now, and nothing is going to happen to it, but when you have surgery three weeks ago, you are still kind of thinking about it. It's just mental."

Linebacker Jeff Ulbrich also did some individual work after being forced out of the game with a lower back strain.

Return specialist Allen Rossum was also forced out of the game with a chest contusion, and he was unable to go this afternoon. Rossum is not expected to play this weekend against the Chargers.

G David Baas (pectoral), WR Bryant Johnson (hamstring), G Adam Snyder (ankle) and T Jonas Jennings (hand) remain out of action due to their injuires.  In fact, Nolan has already ruled Johnson, Snyder, and Jennings out of Saturday night's final preseason game against the Chargers.


A few defensive highlights from the session included an interception by safety Mark Roman of a JT O'Sullivan pass in red zone 7 on 7 work, and a pair of pass breakups by cornerback Donald Strickland.

O'Sullivan enjoyed many good highlight throws, including a deep ball over the middle to tight end Vernon Davis during the final team portion of practice.

Wide receiver Cameron Colvin laid out for a deep Shaun Hill pass along the 49ers sideline during one of the final few plays of practice.


Tight end Delanie Walker really thought he had gotten both feet in bounds on a corner end zone catch. So much so that he pleaded with the official.

"Come on ref, come on ref, that's a touchdown!" said Walker.

Working against Walker in coverage was Marcus Hudson who had his own version of the play.

"Absolutely the correct call ref," said Hudson as he offered a high-five to the official.

Linebacker Roderick Green also came over to support the ref for his call that favored the defense.

Green held his hand up high and then looked down at the much shorter official, and said, "You gotta get up there, you gotta get up for this high-five. There you go!"

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