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Kaepernick, Bowman & Davis Attend 49ers Draft Party

The San Francisco 49ers made franchise history last Thursday night, unveiling a black alternate uniform at the team's official draft party from Great America. Quarterback Colin Kaepernick, linebacker Navorro Bowman and tight end Vernon Davis joined the festivities to model the uniforms in front of the 15,000 Faithful on-hand.

After the trio of 49ers got off-stage, caught up with each player briefly for their opinions on the new threads and an update on last week's veteran minicamp.
Colin Kaepernick

On the Jerseys:

"I love the jerseys. I think the uniforms look dope and I think everyone is excited to play in them."

On his draft day memories:

"I remember getting the call in the morning with the Niners talking about trading up to get to me. It was an exciting time, probably one of the best days in my life." 

On how he feels about his offseason:

"I'm real happy to be back out there. I put a lot of work in to be where this team needs me to be. I'm excited to go out on the field and show everyone what I've been working on."**

Navorro Bowman**On being back on the field for mimicamp:

"It's been a long road coming but I'm glad to be back. They've welcomed me back and I'm excited to lead these guys and give them my all. These three days were about us all starting new and learning the new scheme. I think we're off to a good start."

On the new jerseys:

"I love the result. We wanted something different. We still love our Faithful uniforms but this black is going to make a statement. The hard work that we've put in is really going to be about business. Our black uniforms really stand for that and I'm glad to have them."

On his draft memories of having to wait until the third round:

"You think of yourself as such a high talent so to sit there for so long was tough for me. But I'm glad to be a Niner and I think I've shown that since I arrived."**

Vernon Davis**

On the team's feelings towards the black uniforms:

"They wanted it, they got it. I think they're amazing. They're great. They feel good. They look good. The guys in the locker room have been talking about it all day."

On wearing the alternate jerseys during a night game at home:

"If it's at night, then it's right."

On the mindset of the team throughout the offseason program: 

"I think offensively and defensively we did a terrific job. Guys are excited and the synergy is good. We went into the practices with a will to compete attitude."

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