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Just How Fast is 49ers WR Marquise Goodwin?

With the ever-revolving door of young talent entering the NFL, one thing that remains constant is the competition of speed and the on-going question, "Who is the fastest man in the league?"

This offseason the San Francisco 49ers got their share of speed acquiring wide receiver Marquise Goodwin in free agency.

First, let's take break down Goodwin's resume. A two-time NCAA champion in the long jump at the University of Texas, Goodwin was also a member of the United States track and field team where he finished 10th in the long jump at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. At the NFL Combine in 2013, the Olympian posted an official 40-time of 4.27 seconds, currently ranked as the fifth-fastest time in combine history.

Simply put, Goodwin is pretty fast.

ESPN staff writer Matt Bowen recently ranked 12 of the speediest players of the NFL. The 49ers wide receiver landed at No. 2 behind Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill on Bowen's list.

Check out what Bowen had to say about Goodwin's Wheels.

*The former Bills wideout, who was a two-time NCAA long jump champ, also has long speed outside of the numbers. I saw it back at the Senior Bowl workouts when Goodwin was coming out of Texas. He looked like a true 4.2 guy on the field down in Mobile, and that has translated to his NFL tape. Goodwin's straight-line speed makes him a consistent deep-ball threat on the fade and the post. In 2016, Goodwin put that speed on display when he blew past veteran cornerback Darrelle Revis for an 84-yard touchdown on a national stage. This is a straight go route. Remember, you don't need any window dressing when you have Goodwin's speed. Throw it deep and let him go get it.

View the top images from Wednesday as the 49ers took the field for the final practice of mandatory minicamp.


Bowen isn't the only one who has taken notice of Goodwin's track-speed. NFL insider Ian Rapoport called Goodwin his favorite addition by the 49ers this offseason.

"He can absolutely fly," Rapoport said. "He's starting to become a football player opposed to a fast track guy who can jump. I don't know what he's going to become, but if there's anyone who can utilize speed, it's Kyle Shanahan and what he does on offense."

Head Coach Kyle Shananhan has had his share of speed at his disposal over the years. Goodwin has often been compared to Taylor Gabriel (ranked ninth on Bowen's list), who set career highs under Shanahan with the Atlanta Falcons in 2016. And to Rapoport's point, Shanahan has a keen eye for utilizing speed.

"Everyone knows how fast he can run. When you can run that fast it's scary for defenses," Shanahan said. "It's going to be a lot easier to move the chains because everyone is so scared of what he could do. That's what speed does."

It's just a matter of weeks before the Faithful will get a chance to witness Goodwin's ability. A preseason Week 1 matchup between Hill's Chiefs and Goodwin's 49ers will do plenty to add to the intrigue of exhibition football.

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