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Josh's Journal: Home Cooking


Entering his second season in the NFL, wide receiver Josh Morgan has earned a starting spot with the 49ers. The athletic wideout is also the latest player to share his thoughts exclusively with 49ers fans with his "Josh's Journal" entries. Here is his third entry of the 2009 season.

The type of weather we've had this week was the same weather that surprised me my rookie year. It pretty much didn't rain the whole season until about December. It was supposed to snow back home in DC, that's when it was raining out here. I think that is a little surprising, the weather seems to be unpredictable out here. But I'm not complaining, this is nowhere near as bad as in DC.

Practice was weird on Tuesday. We went to this little soccer gym where we had to run our offense on a soccer field. But it was good for us because it was good to get mental reps. It was nice to go out and play some football especially after Sunday. It was a good thing to run it off and start to mentally prepare for our next game against Houston.

The mentality after our loss on Sunday is too never let anything like that happen again. You obviously never want to lose but you especially don't want to ever get blown out at home. Coach Singletary said that is was basically an embarrassment because we didn't work that hard in training camp and preseason to go out and put up a performance like that. There was nothing big that they did, it was more so our performance. I think that was the best part about the practices we've had this week was going out there and mentally fixing what we did wrong.

This bye week is good and bad for the team. It's good that we do have the time to think about where we are, correct our mistakes and focus on our fundamentals. But it's also bad because we have a whole week before we get to play. But that bad can also be a good because we still have that feeling from our loss and it motivates us to go out there and prove that we are better than that.

We get four days off this week which doesn't happen very often. Me personally, I'm going to be sleeping a lot and spending time with my family. I'll just be taking it easy. I probably won't work out too hard because I want to get the soreness out. Maybe I'll do some stretching and light jogs, but nothing too intense. It's very important to take care of your body during the bye week. I'll be icing and hydrating a lot.

Since I'm out here by myself, I've become a big sleeper. I sleep every chance that I can. I am looking forward to seeing some family this week which will be nice. They've got school and work so I'm going back home to visit them.

After the bye week, we have two road games which are going to be a big test for our team. Mentally it is going to be a big step, especially after coming off the loss and the bye week. It is going to be real test for us but we are looking forward to it. If we can come off of the bye week mentally prepared and on top of our game, I think we will be in good shape for those games.

I'm going to be watching Houston when they play Cincinnati this weekend. I'll also be watching my Hokies keep doing their thing. I'll only be watching a little football because I want to clear my mind and relax. It will be weird to just be watching football on Sunday instead of playing. But it will be fun because I will be with family and just relaxing.

I'm looking forward to some home-cooked meals this weekend. I love to eat but I'm careful not to eat too much during our time off. I love any home-cooked meal. I'm a seafood lover, so any plate with seafood in it I love. My grandma is the one who cooks and spoils me. It will be great to get back and eat some of her meals, especially her breakfast.

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