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Jordan Devey and Andrew Tiller Still Battling for 49ers Starting Right Guard Job

The competition at right guard has been the most noteworthy position battle of the regular season for the San Francisco 49ers.

Jordan Devey earned the starting job for the team's first nine games, but Andrew Tiller has continued to see an increased role with each passing week. The rotation along the 49ers offensive line began in Week 5 on "Sunday Night Football" against the New York Giants.

Tiller, who had just been called up from the practice squad the day before, received a 50/50 split of playing time in the game. Each lineman played 34 snaps.

In the four games since, Tiller has out-played Devey 135 snaps to 94 snaps. Most recently, Tiller played 48 snaps against the Atlanta Falcons to Devey's nine snaps.

That being said, Geep Chryst isn't ready to crown either as the starter going forward.

"Those two are battling it out literally every day in terms of getting reps and then making something and making the most out of those reps," Chryst said. "So, we'll see."

The 49ers offensive coordinator complimented Devey's ability to avoid mental mistakes.

"Sometimes we want to see a spectacular play or a spectacular highlight reel play," Chryst said. "Sometimes those guys, especially on the offensive line, that just do their job and do their job well and don't make mental mistakes have a value and that's definitely Jordan's value."

That skillset might prove to be a valuable asset for the 49ers offensive line this Sunday in a raucous environment at CenturyLink Field against the Seattle Seahawks.

Regardless, expect to see both linemen get their fair share of time at right guard.

Here are a few other notable topics that Chryst covered in his Thursday press conference. Could Trent Brown see an increased role?

The rookie offensive tackle made his NFL debut against the Falcons in Week 9, playing nine snaps at right tackle. Chryst said the hope is to get him more involved as the season goes on. On those nine plays, starting right tackle Erik Pears slid inside to right guard.

His playing time against Seattle will likely depend on the coaching staff's confidence in Brown to match up against talented pass-rushers Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett.

"We're really working hard with him on the pass-pro side," Chryst said. "He's actually a very good pass-pro technician, but there's a lot of looks they can throw at you and that's the one area that he's working hard everyday to get better."

Evaluating Celek's touchdown celebrations

Tight end Garrett Celek has been one of the unsung heroes of San Francisco's 2015 season. The fourth-year pro has a career-high 17 receptions for 151 yards and three touchdowns on the season.

Celek is coming off of a two-touchdown performance in Week 9 against the Falcons.

"I think that Garrett's a great example of a guy who's just doing his job, tries not to be flashy, but has really made some nice plays for us within the structure of the offense," Chryst said.

On the tight end's first score of the game, a 1-yard reception on 3rd-and-goal, he celebrated with grace and style. Celek took the ball over his head and threw down the seldom-seen, two-handed spike.

Chryst was impressed.

"I would have to say that his spike on the goal line pass was one of the most spectacular spikes I've ever seen," Chryst said. "Kind of a Pop Warner, two-handed throw down. What a great thing to see.

"I know it's in the context of the game. How great was that? He could have cared less what it looked like. That is what his emotion was."

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