Johnson Reflects on Dean

Gary Johnson, DT, 1984-85


Fred Dean was a great player and he got the job done. I never had to worry about a thing with Fred out there. He made everything easier for me. He was very strong and quick.

He understood how to play. Fred was pretty good, what can I say? He was an All-Pro. Put him out there on the end with anyone and he would be a headache. He was just that strong and just that quick. All of his games to me were good.

He deserves to be going into the Hall. He should have been in there long before now. It's an honor for him, and it's an honor for me, because I got a chance to play alongside a guy who is going into the Hall of Fame.

I was just with Fred recently in San Diego. We were just shooting the breeze and it was good to be together.

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