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John Lynch Shares Incredible Memories about Marshall Faulk and Barry Sanders

The "49ers Studios Poscast" debuted on Wednesday with San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch as the special guest. The 25-minute discussion centered on Lynch's 15-year playing career that will eventually land him in the Hall of Fame.

Lynch shared incredible stories that ranged from training camp memories to winning the 2002 Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He also touched on his greatest rivalries as a player. The Bucs had storied battles against the St. Louis Rams and their "Greatest Show on Turf". The Rams prolific offense featured Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk.

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"Marshall went to San Diego State so we worked out a lot together, but when we played against each other, we didn't really like each other," Lynch said. "We were friends after, but that's the most I ever talked was against the Rams.

"They had guys who were chirpy. We really held them in check. Marshall and I give each other a hard time because I wasn't really a trash talker, nor was he. We brought it out of each other."

Another legendary running back left a lasting impression on Lynch. Every rookie has their "Welcome to the NFL" moment. For Lynch, that moment came against Detroit Lions running back Barry Sanders.

The Bucs and Lions saw each other twice a year as a part of the NFL's old NFC Central division.

"(Trying to tackle Barry was) something that could break your will. I was always the free hitter, which is a great thing unless you're facing Barry Sanders, because you're responsible for tackling him. We had great battles."

Their mutual on-field respect came full circle ahead of Sanders' induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The running back invited Lynch to be a part of his celebration in Canton, Ohio.

"One of the greatest honors I've had in this league – back during my career I was going through my mail, and I saw something from Barry Sanders. He invited me to his Hall of Fame speech as part of his entourage. You're only allowed so many tickets.

"He wrote me a handwritten note that said, 'I always appreciated the way you played. I thought you competed at the highest level. I'd love for you to be there.' I'll never forget that. I always thought he got the best of me, and maybe he didn't think much of me. For a guy like that to reach out, those are the coolest honors that you have in this league."

Lynch shared that he still has the letter at home. Be sure to listen to the entire conversation embedded above.

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