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John Lynch Provides Mid-season Progress Report of Solomon Thomas

The San Francisco 49ers defense might get a boost on Sunday with the potential return of Solomon Thomas. Thomas, who has been inactive the last two weeks with a knee injury, could be cleared to play against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 12.

San Francisco's first-round pick has totaled 26 tackles and two sacks through eight games. Those aren't the gaudy numbers that some expected of Thomas, but John Lynch urged patience in regards to the third-overall pick.

Here's the general manager's full progress report of Thomas.

"I've been very, very pleased with Solomon," Lynch said in a sit-down with Bay Area reporters on Tuesday. "I think some people say, 'Hey, No. 3 pick, perhaps he should be a little more dynamic.' But his play has been solid, and we knew it would be a process. He's a young kid who I think physically is going to grow in stature. Our inability to get off the field and our inability to hold the ball has led him to playing a lot of snaps for a rookie. You never want to see anyone get hurt, but it almost came at a good time. It felt like you could see him getting tired. 

"We've got to get him back and healthy, but I feel like these last six games are going to be really good for him. He's a worker. I challenge anyone to say that he hasn't played extremely well. He's been a very solid player. I think it will only get better. Part of our vision for where he was going to excel in this league was in a sub package as an inside rusher. We aren't a complete process there so we've had to generate pass rush more. That has taken away from his ability to line up against a guard and go to work on him. That's where I think he'll excel. As we continue to add pieces, I think he'll continue to only get better. I'm extremely positive on his future for a long, long time."

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