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John Lynch Addresses Reuben Foster's Arrest

INDIANAPOLIS: John Lynch sat down with Bay Area reporters on Wednesday, and the first topic of conversation was Reuben Foster's arrest on Feb. 11.

"One thing I'd like to say is that we're actively following the protocols that are already in place, both in law enforcement and the NFL," Lynch said.

San Francisco's general manager noted that he always strives to be transparent and believes in the importance of keeping everyone in the know. However, the severity of this matter makes Lynch unable to go into detail at this juncture.

"We've been a little quiet and that's for a reason," Lynch added. "There are certain places that I can't and won't go, because we're dealing with an ongoing legal matter."

The 49ers met with Foster the day after the arrest. Lynch provided the general theme of the conversation.

"We have talked with Reuben," Lynch said. "The context, in a broad sense, is our expectations for him and our expectations for all of our players. We have a high standard that we expect. I think we made that very clear with him. We remain in communication but a lot of that is going to remain private because of the ongoing legal matters and protocols that are in place."

Lynch wouldn't comment on Foster's future with the team, but he did acknowledge the need to take a back up plan into account. The 49ers could explore other options in free agency, the draft or look into re-signing Brock Coyle.

Foster started 11 games as a rookie in 2017 and recorded 72 tackles. The linebacker was also named the NFL's defensive rookie of the month in November.

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