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Joe Staley: 'It's on Everybody, Not Just One Person'

The San Francisco 49ers were Aaron Rodgers' latest victim during Monday night's primetime nail-biter. With just a minute left to play and the game tied at 30, Rodgers engineered a 10-play, 81-yard drive that ended with Mason Crosby's game-winning 27-yard field goal. Take a look at what the 49ers locker room had to say following the Week 6 heartbreaker against the Packers.

Kyle Shanahan on having to close out games:

"I mean, we didn't get it done. We had a chance to win today. Very disappointed that we didn't. We had our times on both sides of the ball and struggled a lot in the first half on defense, but I thought we managed to get it together there in the second half. We held them there at the end and it gave us the chance to win the game and finish it and we didn't. Give Aaron (Rodgers) a chance with the ball like that - he's done it a lot of times."

Shanahan on Matt Breida playing through an ankle injury against the Packers:

"I thought he ran hard. We had to stop him a little bit just to keep his health up. Breida is the man. For him to get out there, he was hurting a lot. Battled all week to try to get his body ready to play. He did a good job."

Richard Sherman on the adjustments made in the second half against Green Bay:

"We just started playing sound football. Like I told you guys before, when you just do your job, this defense is really hard to beat. We busted simple coverages. It's a simple adjustment. You can't play like that. Later on in the game, another one - a simple play and we busted it. But when we play sound we are really difficult to beat."

Sherman on the strengths of Robert Saleh's defensive scheme:

"This is one of the most sound schemes in football. That's why you see so many people executing it. When you don't play sound it can lead to bust. In any scheme, if you don't play sound, it can lead to big plays. We have to find a way to just play disciplined. When we stopped them, when we got three-and-outs, it wasn't anything special, it wasn't guys making stuff up, it was just guys doing their assignment. Nothing special."

C.J. Beathard on his emotions following Monday's loss:

"It hurts. It's tough. I mean, you're so close, you feel like you should've won the game. You just have to get back on the horse and move onto next week."

Marquise Goodwin on his 67-yard touchdown catch:

"Man, I didn't even know how long it was. C.J. has that cannon. He let it go, and 67 yards later, it is a touchdown. The offensive line held up in protection. It was just C.J. believing in me enough to throw the ball, and that I would beat the safety and we made it happen."

Goodwin on his first career two-touchdown game:

"I do take satisfaction in that. I am grateful that God has given me that opportunity, but that doesn't overshadow the fact that we lost. I would rather win and not score any touchdowns."

Joe Staley on the 49ers effective ground game:

"We ran the ball the whole game really well, but then the last two drives (we went) three-and-out. That was the story of the game for us. You just care about winning. It is frustrating, three-and-outs, (after) playing so well the whole game."

Staley on his confidence in Beathard after the late interception:

"We have 100 percent confidence in C.J. Everyone else thinks of him as a backup. He is not a backup. The guy is a starter. He runs our offense really, really well. The guy was trying to make a play. It was one-on-one coverage down the field with Marquise. He was trying to let his guy make a play. We have 100 percent confidence in C.J. We can't go two series of three-and-outs at the end of the game. It is on everybody, not just one person."

Staley on Raheem Mostert's career game:

"He hit the hole hard. He is coached by one the best running back coaches in NFL history in Bobby Turner so he knows exactly what he is supposed to be doing. (Raheem) was really pissed about fumbling last week. We knew with Matt's ankle not being 100 percent he was going to get a lot of carries so I thought he did a terrific job. He ran really hard. I was really happy with what he was able to do."

Jimmie Ward on the loss to the Packers:

"Defensively we started out the game slow. We had a lot of mental errors. We could have corrected that. In the second half, they ended up making a few more plays than us so they ended up with the win."

Ward on what Goodwin's return means to the team:

"He takes the top off the defense and a lot of defensive backs respect him. That is a key to our offense."