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Jennings Embarassed by Injuries


Tackle Jonas Jennings will miss time with a shoulder injury that occurred during Sunday's game against Seattle. It's the fourth-season in a row that Jennings has had to miss time becuase of injury, a situation he said is "embarassing."

"That's what makes it embarrassing, because I can't control it," said Jennings. "I tried to do everything I could, because I had already missed some time. Basically I haven't been able to do what my plan was to do coming out to this organization."

Jennings said his shoulder popped out in Sunday's game against Seattle, the same shoulder that popped out in 2005 and 2006, and required surgery.

"It was a lot different though, the mechanics of it was a lot different," said Jennings. "It went out a different way than it did in the past I can tell you that. It's nothing that I will have to fly out and have surgery for. I have got to visit with the doctors and kind of roll with the medical staff and do what they ask me to do. It's a point of frustration for me, I just want to do whatever I basically can to play football."

Not living up to his expectations as an expensive free agent signee in 2005 has led to frustration for 49ers fans, but Jennings promises that no one is more disappointed than himself.

"Nobody can be more frustrated than me. And that includes coaches, fans or anybody. Don't nobody got to deal with it but me. I really feel in pain, because I'm (expletive) annoyed by it too. It's another roadblock in my life. All I can do is stay strong."

Jennings said he wore a harness in the past to prevent the shoulder injury, but that he thought his shoulder problems were behind him.

"Last year that was a whole different story, the shoulder had nothing to do with it," said Jennings of being on I/R with an ankle injury. "I thought I was clean out the gate, and there it is. In your mind, you start thinking, is there an underlining problem? I'm not going to stop playing the way I play. When I go on the field I can't be thinking about every play and if my shoulder is going to pop out. I'm going to continue playing the game violently, that's just the way I do it on the field."

Meanwhile, cornerback Shawntae Spencer, who has also been ruled out of Sunday's game said he's day to day in terms of his knee injury.

"Right now I feel like, when it first happened, it hurt naturally but I don't need crutches or a knee brace," said Spencer. "It doesn't hurt, it's just one of those things when your knee pops, you take it day to day."

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