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Jed York Makes 'Point' to Get Involved


With 600,000 Bay Area families living in poverty, 49ers President/CEO Jed York has taken the initiative to do something about it.

Along with 49ers Hall of Fame safety Ronnie Lott, York is on the Board of Directors of Tipping Point Community, a non-profit organization which aims to support organizations that provide the basic needs that one out of four local households cannot afford.

When Lott suggested York should join him in supporting the executive board's philanthropic work, it was an offer that the 49ers president could not refuse. Even with his heavy workload around team headquarters, York has been delighted to lend his support to the valuable cause which "screens non-profit organizations rigorously to find the most effective groups needed to break the cycle of poverty and achieve economic self-sufficiency."

Recently, York and the rest of the board members helped raise a significant amount of money at the organization's May 6th concert in San Francisco starring Grammy-winning recording artist John Legend.


"It was an unbelievable event," York raved. "We raised $6 million in one night and brought so many people from the community together. A wide array of people attended the event and supported the cause which was great to see. We had people participating at all levels, from $75 concert tickets all the way up to a $1 million challenge grant."

The 49ers helped bring in $400,000 alone from auctioning off two separate trips to London to see the 49ers host the Denver Broncos next season on Halloween.

But more important than raising funds, is deciding where those dollars end up. That fact is not lost on York, and is also a major reason he supports the work done by Tipping Point.

"Tipping Point makes it so much easier for individuals that want to donate money but don't know how to connect with the right non-profits. We do that for you," York explained. "Beyond providing funds, our staff works with our recipients to help them operate more efficiently. We help community-based programs get better."

With York's leadership, the 49ers Foundation recently made a direct $100,000 contribution to Tipping Point.

For more information about Tipping Point's impact in the Bay Area, check out this video and be sure to visit Tipping Point's official web site to find out how you can get involved!

A special thanks goes out to Drew Altizer Photography for supplying photos from the concert.*

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