Hunter's Blog: Weekend Warrior


Kendall Hunter has proven to be a solid contributor to the 49ers offense in his rookie year out of Oklahoma State. The young running back spent time relaxing around the Bay Area during Thanksgiving weekend, but is looking forward to watching his alma mater play Saturday before hosting the St. Louis Rams Sunday. Here's an update on Hunter's first NFL season, as told to

It was nice to have a little three-day weekend after that game in Baltimore last week. It seemed kind of funny having that much time off during the season but it feels good for the players to get our bodies back. I really didn't do much besides chill at my apartment around here.

But I did go to Moran Norris' house to have some Thanksgiving dinner with him, his family and Frank Gore. It was cool to go over there, get some good food and chill with them for a bit, but that's all I really did to celebrate the holiday. Mo and his family had everything cooked up for us. It was almost like going back home.

It feels good to hang out with my teammates when we're not working. I still don't really know much about the Bay Area, so to be around them is like family now. The only people I've got out here is my team and my coaches.

On Saturday, I actually went to a couple places to check out the sales they had but it was too packed. Most the stores I went to I just turned around and went back because the lines were out the door. I'll run into a pile at the line of scrimmage but I didn't want any part of that mess.

As far as Christmas presents go, I can't really think of anything I want. With me, it's the thought that counts. This year, I'm going to get my family and friends something special.

This Sunday kind of went by fast. I got my car washed, went to the grocery store to get some things and then I washed my clothes. For some reason it just flew by. I saw a few NFL highlights but I didn't watch any games or anything like that.

I am looking forward to the Oklahoma State-Oklahoma game on Saturday, though. Me and (Oklahoma alum) Reggie Smith aren't on speaking terms this week even though we have lockers next to each other. Those rivalry games in college are fun. To be at that level and see all the orange and the red in the crowd that's sold out no matter what – it's wild. OK State has a chance to make it to the BCS title game – you never know how it plays out – so I'm excited to see if they can do it.

But we're already hard at work preparing for the St. Louis game this weekend. We're getting coached up, learning from our mistakes and trying to get better for it. I've heard people talking about playoffs and stuff, but I'm really not worried about that. You just got to worry about yourself and your team and go out there and play hard and focus on winning.

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