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Head to Head: Super Bowl XLIII


Cornerback Walt Harris and linebacker Parys Haralson have gone head to head during the playoffs with their picks and reasons for them. They haven't disagreed on any of their picks all throughout the playoffs and they again saw eye-to-eye on Super Bowl XLIII.

Cardinals vs. Steelers

CB Walt Harris

I've been going back and forth with Pittsburgh and Arizona. I think about Arizona and how they've surprised people this year and throughout the playoffs. I've picked against them every time and every time they've won so it's like I need to pick them in order for them to lose.

Arizona has been playing well. Larry Fitzgerald has been playing awesome and that offense is doing what they need to do. The defense has been playing lights out and they've forced a bunch of turnovers.

There's no questioning Pittsburgh's defense. The only thing about them is their offense because they haven't generated as many points as they might need. If they were playing this game anywhere else, I would have thought weather would be a factor. Because they're in Tampa, they don't have to worry about the weather for the most part. That could even the playing field between these two teams. Pittsburgh is the more experienced team, but Arizona is playing confident football and they're on a mission.

I have friends on both teams. I would like to see Pittsburgh win, but I would also like to see Arizona win because they're representing our division and we need a little more respect for the NFC West.

I think Arizona is going to shock people in this game. Play calling is tight and the score is always tight in the Super Bowl, but from what I've seen from Arizona in the playoffs, it could be somewhat high scoring. I'll say 21-17 in favor of Arizona.

LB Parys Haralson

I'm out shopping right now so I'm a little distracted once again, but here goes my Super Bowl pick.

Walt and I both missed both games last week and I couldn't believe it. I picked Philadelphia to beat Arizona, but the Cardinals jumped out early on them. Philly made a good comeback, but Larry Fitzgerald was the difference maker in that game.

Arizona has surprised me every week so far. Every week I've gone against them and every week they've proved me wrong. Fitzgerald has been playing great and that offense has been clicking in large part due to him. Their defense has been playing well also.

Pittsburgh has the #1 defense in the league and Roethlisberger has been playing well. Troy Polamalu has been making a ton of plays for them on defense. I have a lot of respect for Pittsburgh's secondary, but it's going to be hard for them to contain Fitzgerald with the way he's playing right now.

Last week, it was a defensive battle between the Steelers and Ravens and Pittsburgh showed why they have the best defense in the league. I think the Super Bowl is going to be one of those defensive type of games.

I really hate to say this because I want Pittsburgh to win, but I think Arizona is going to pull it out.

My score prediction is Arizona 24-14.

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