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Get to Know 49ers Tackle Trent Brown

This week's guest on the 49ers Radio podcast was the soft-spoken, pancake-blocking, Georgia-Texas-reppin' offensive tackle for the San Francisco 49ers.

Trent Brown, No. 77 in your game program, stepped up to the microphone on Wednesday.

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The 20-minute interview is a great way to get to know the emerging second-year right tackle.

Enjoy the highlights from the conversation.

(:46 - on why he wears a camoflauge shirt underneath his jersey at practice)

"I'm just a country boy out here putting on for my city. ... I represent two cities. I represent Bastrop County, Texas - right outside of Austin. And Albany, Ga. When my mom and dad met out here in the military, they met out here in San Francisco at the Presidio. My older brother was born out here. My mom is originally from Texas, so I was born in Texas. I claim Texas more - that's where I plan to live when this is over and one with - but I grew up mostly in Albany, Ga. I went to elementary, middle school, high school there."

#TBT me and the homie @MarioAlford — Trent Brown (@_tbrown77) September 22, 2016

(2:20 - on how attending a miliary school helped him develop into an NFL player at the University of Florida)

"I wouldn't trade it for the world. If I had a chance to go back and go right to a four-year school out of the gate, I wouldn't. I'd still go to JuCo probably. I feel like after going there, I was more prepared for Florida. I feel like I was ready from a maturity standpoint. There's not much to do in Milledgeville, where the Georgia Military (College) was located. It was just me and my brothers on the football team. I still have life-long friendships from that. I still talk to them every day."

(5:00 - on what is was like being a football player at Florida)

"There's nothing like playing in front of anywhere between 90 to 100,000 (fans) every week in a packed stadium. Even the outside of the stadium was packed. It's just loud from the moment you pull up in the bus to when the clock strikes zero at the end of the fourth quarter. It's just rocking. There's no better feeling or atmosphere. I definitely feel like the SEC is the ultimate college atmosphere."

(7:50 - on how he reacted to being a seventh-round draft pick)

"It was definitely disappointing to go in the seventh round as late as I did after hearing so many different things from what actually happened. But I feel like it's all in God's plan for me. Everything happened like how it was supposed to, so I'm not going to question it. At first I did, because I was really mad about it. But then I just realized, 'Hey, it's a fresh start, new start, new people, new places, a whole other side of the country.' And to get the number that I did when I got here, that's God's favorite number twice. I definitely think He has some things in store for me. I'm just going to play to the best of my abilities."

(9:30 - on how he's progressed throughout his second season in the league)

"I feel like I've done some good things, and I've feel like I've done some bad things with me still being a young player. That's not an excuse, I've just got to get better, and I will continue to get better. I feel like I've done well enough to keep my starting spot, but that's not good enough. I don't know if I've told Joe (Staley) that my goal is to make a Pro Bowl with him. I know he's been playing for awhile, but Joe is still playing at a high level. I think it would be fun to have a chance to play in a Pro Bowl with my book-end left tackle."

(10:50 - on facing Arizona pass-rushers Markus Golden and Chandler Jones for a second time)

"It's definitely going to be another test for us as a position group. We definitely want to do better. Joe has been on it this week. We're challenging each other, and him being the leader of the room, he's challenging everybody in the starting unit to be better than we were the first time, be better every week and just be more stout. We gave up seven sacks (to them in Week 5) and that's not going to cut it in this league. We have to do better."

Thanks for having. Had a great time! — Trent Brown (@_tbrown77) November 10, 2016

(13:10 - on the mentality of the team after losing seven games in a row)

"Coach (Curtis) Modkins said something right before the bye week that really stuck with me, and it probably stuck with a lot of others on the team. He said his high school coach said something about a left-right game. When he said, 'Left-right game,' nobody knew what he meant or what he was talking about. But then he explained and said, 'Left-right game means the only thing that matters is the guy to the left of you and the guy to the right of you.' That just stuck with me. I repeat it to myself weekly before any game. I thought that was pretty cool."



(14:10 - on what he does when he takes a break from football)

"I've definitely gotten into meditation - sitting in silence in the dark and just being able to chill and wind down. I prepare myself for the next day. It's really relaxing. Before you know it, you'll be asleep, but I think it's a really good thing."

(19:50 - on how much he loves his job)

"I love this game. I love the fraternity with my brothers inside the locker room. There's nothing like it. As long as the fans stay behind us, stay with us, we're going to get this thing turned around with your help."

Best thing I ever did was believe in myself — Trent Brown (@_tbrown77) March 31, 2016

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