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Get to Know 49ers DL DeForest Buckner

"DeFo" or "Buck" - which nickname does DeForest Buckner prefer?

Listen to the latest 49ers Radio podcast for the answer.

The Niners first-round draft pick was this week's guest prior to a Week 9 home matchup with the New Orleans Saints.

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Here are the highlights from the 10-minute convo.

(2:30 - on how he spent his bye week)

"I stayed out here in San Jose at my house. I tried to relax, decompress and went up to Napa for the weekend with my girlfriend. ... We did some wine tasting and stayed at a spa, so it was pretty nice."
(3:00 - on facing Saints quarterback Drew Brees this Sunday)

"I'm really excited. Before getting drafted and everything, I watched the Saints a lot. My dad, he's a big-time Saints fan. So being able to have an opportunity to try and sack Drew Brees is definitely going to be a fun time. It'll be interesting."

(3:30 - on playing against famous NFL players in his rookie season)

"Earlier this year, playing against Aaron Rodgers was pretty cool. After the game, I was really thinking about it like, 'Wow. I'm playing against Aaron Rodgers. It was a pretty cool experience."

Oh how I missed the food back here. #onolicious

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(4:00 - on his favorite place to eat in the Bay Area)

"That is a great question. My favorite place to eat so far in the Bay Area... probably, to be honest, I would say (it because it) reminds me of back home, L&L Drive In. There's a little Hawaiian food there, but it has the plate-lunch aspect of things. L&L is a big thing back home in Hawaii."

(4:30 - on who he likes to hang out with off the field)

"Really lately, especially coming in together, he was my roommate when we first got out here in OTAs, Ronald Blair III. Yeah, Ronald Blair, Alex Balducci ... And Arik (Armstead)."

(5:10 - on his favorite NBA team)

"I'm a big-time LeBron fan. When he was in Cleveland to start off, I was a big-time Cavaliers fan. And when he went to Miami, I became a Miami fan. I don't really have a favorite team, I'm just a fan of LeBron." (5:50 - on his favorite nickname for himself)

"Growing up through high school and college, everyone called me, 'DeFo.' But when I got here, guys started calling me, 'Buck.' ... It's new to me, definitely new to me, but I prefer, 'DeFo,' I'm used to it, but 'Buck' definitely has been growing on me."

(6:30 - on his college football playoff predictions)

"Right now, I gotta say Alabama. They just look good overall, but I'm really pulling for Clemson."

(7:40 - on how he became interested in art)

"I started off in high school taking some art classes. I kind of liked it. I didn't think I was that good, but my teachers liked what I was making. I really started getting back into it in my senior year at Oregon, taking an art class for some extra credits that I needed to graduate. I think my best piece was the self-portraits we made for one of our big-time projects. It came out pretty good."

(9:00 - on his overall experience of playing a lot as a rookie)

"It's definitely a lot of fun getting thrown into the fire and getting a lot of snaps. My coaches are trusting me to handle the snap load they've given me the past couple of games. It really shows me that they trust me, and that I really have some shoes to fill because they trust me a lot and my teammates trust me a lot. Week-to-week, obviously we're desperate for a win, we really want to win, but being out there with all those guys I've watched them in previous years on TV and being able to play with them it's definitely been a blessing."

(10:30 - on this week's game being a Salute to Service)

"It's definitely really good that the NFL can support the troops like that. I have family members in the military, and I definitely support our troops. They are out there risking our lives to allow us to live free. Them making that sacrifice allows us to play the game. I'm really thankful for them."

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