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Get to Know 49ers CB Keith Reaser

This week's guest on the 49ers Radio podcast happened to be none other than San Francisco 49ers cornerback Keith Reaser.

Or as we learned, you can call him, "Rease."

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The 23-minute interview with the second-year cornerback touched on a variety of topics.

From his current role with the Niners, to his background in Miami, to his passion for fishing to his relationship with his fallen cousin Sean Taylor - Reaser opened up on numerous subjects.

Here are some of the most fascinating quotes from the conversation.

(1:10 - on summing up his experience so far in 2016)

"Getting my feet wet a little bit – that's the best way to describe it. I've been getting some good experience. I'm improving from week-to-week. I've been bouncing around playing some different spots, some nickel (cornerback), some outside (cornerback), wherever I'm needed. I've been getting experience at different spots."

(4:00 - on his relationship with the 49ers defensive backs)

"It's definitely a competitive environment, but I think we're all comfortable with each other. We can laugh and joke, but at the same time, we push each other to do better. Say if a guy gets a passed caught on him, we can joke, we can laugh at the person, but it's not in a (hurtful) way. So we've become pretty comfortable with each other where we can critique each other and it's not finger pointing."

(5:40 - on his scouting report on this week's game against the Tamp Bay Buccaneers)

"I'm familiar with the team and Jameis (Winston) because he went to Florida State. That's definitely cool. I wish it would have been in Florida, that would have made it more exciting, but it's a good opportunity. They definitely put the ball a lot in Jameis' hands to make plays, which means more opportunities for us as a secondary to make plays. It's definitely going to be a lot on the secondary this week."

(6:30 - on Bucs wideout Mike Evans)

"Everything everyone else sees. Great athlete. Big guy. Physical. Goes up and gets the ball. He's the most targeted (player) by far on the team. He's not even close to anyone else on the team. Now that (Vincent) Jackson is injured, we expect him to get the ball a lot more. We have to come and compete. We know he's going to be a physical guy. We definitely have to go up and get the ball. That's going to be a challenge."

(7:20 - on Dwayne Wade signing with the Chicago Bulls)

"I was a big Dwayne Wade fan when he first got into the league and when they had Shaq. Not so much when LeBron came to the Heat. I'm not a LeBron fan, but everybody was devastated in Miami when Wade left. I think it hurt, but it will make the Heat tickets cheaper."

(11:00 - on the advice he'd give himself before entering the NFL)

"It's a marathon, not a sprint. I think you want a lot of success immediately, you want things to go a certain way. Sometimes, it doesn't really play out that way. Not get too high or too low either. You want to keep the same attitude, mentality, whether you've had a lot of success or you've had some failures. That's probably the main advice I would give to myself."

(15:00 - on how fishing relates to making a big play)

"It's definitely similar. I never thought about it in that way, but it's definitely a similar comparison. It's similar to baiting, kind of baiting the quarterback and the next thing you know, 'Oh, I got it.' Then you reel it in."

(16:00 - on reflecting about his relationship with his fallen cousin, Sean Taylor)

"I think about that a lot. Just what more I could be learning from him if he was still playing today, how different maybe things could have played out. ... It's an indescribable feeling when I hear other guys today from different places across the country talk about him like, 'That's my favorite player.' People talk about Sean Taylor all the time. I just sit there and smile. I really don't say anything because I don't ever want to make it about me. I listen to them and appreciate their feelings."

"He didn't change at all. The way he played the game, you would never know how he was off the field. He was such a nice guy, do anything for everybody. Just a cool dude to be around. Not flashy. I even went to a Redskins game one time and the players would walk around the locker room and there was a fence where they parked their cars and there would be a lot of fans standing there. And he would just jump in the (bed) of the truck, and we would just ride out (after the game). He was just one of the guys. He would jump in the back, not even in a seat, and we would just roll. Just a regular guy."

(18:40 - on Taylor's best attributes as a player)

"He could do it all. He was a freak of nature. He could hit. He could tackle. He could run. I think he could play any position on the field. I think if he said he wanted to be a receiver one day, he could be a receiver. If he wanted to be a running back or a linebacker – he was just blessed athletically."

(22:00 on his NBA predictions)

"Kevin Durant going to Golden State … you can just skip the regular season. Definitely Golden State will be there. I hate to say it, but it looks like Cleveland will be there, too. If I had to choose between Golden State and Cleveland, I'm going with Golden State. … I hope it goes seven games. I'd like to see a good series."

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