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Geep Chryst Hints at Adjustments in 49ers Offense

With the gameplan already being put together against the New York Giants, Geep Chryst said that there are some new wrinkles to the offense that he's excited about.

The San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator opted not to divulge too much information regarding the specific details of those revisions.

"We've made some changes, some adjustments that we feel good about going into this game," Chryst said. "It would be disingenuous for me to elaborate on it and then go out to the game and it's a clunker. … I'd rather come tell you next week what we did do rather than forecast what may or may not happen."

In addition to hinting at tweaks to the gameplan, Chryst singled out two plays that burned the 49ers offense in the 17-3 loss against the Green Bay Packers.

The first came on the San Francisco's lone scoring drive of the game late in the second quarter. A 40-yard shovel pass to Quinton Patton, a Colin Kaepernick 14-yard run and an 8-yard pass to Anquan Boldin set up the 49ers with a 1st-and-goal from Green Bay's 5-yard line.

San Francisco's next call was a pass play. The 49ers got the look they wanted, but the intended receiver collided with a defender and the play resulted in a sack.

The other play that the offensive coordinator discussed came on the team's second trip inside the red zone late in the fourth quarter. Trailing by two touchdowns, a 47-yard pass to Torrey Smith got San Francisco back into striking distance. Two plays later, on 2nd-and-5 from the Green Bay 20, Kaepernick underthrew an open Reggie Bush.

Once again, the 49ers got the look they wanted, getting Bush 1-on-1 with Clay Matthews, but they were unable to capitalize.

Both scoring opportunities resulted in three points and a turnover on downs.

"We use the term 'timing' all the time," Chryst said. "We have to improve the timing and sync up. We'll say that we're not that far off, but the proof is in the pudding when you go out on gameday. We have to prove it on gameday."

The game marked the second in a row where Kaepernick had his struggles. The silver lining, Chryst said, is that those mistakes are uncharacteristic of the quarterback he's coached for five seasons.

"Those are the things that over the course of the time I've been with Kap both in practice and in games, you just don't see," Chryst said. "I think that's what he's working through right now. He's got a good mindset. … Acknowledge what happened in the game and then make steps to correct it."

Chryst noted that the team hasn't forgotten about Kaepernick's previous success. The quarterback has had success in primetime games, had success in the playoffs and led a team to a Super Bowl.

There is natural ebb and flow of the psyche for professional athletes and Kaepernick is currently working through his recent miscues. Chryst said it's the job of the coaching staff to help find tangible things for Kap to replicate on the football field.

"All we can go on is what the tape said and what we've seen in practice this week," Chryst said.

Chryst added that Kaepernick's confidence, and the rest of the team's confidence for that matter, has remained positive amid the current three-game losing streak.

"We're excited about going out there and playing," the coach said. "That's the first thing that you want to be mentally, is to not shy away from it. That's the last thing that Colin ever does is shy away from these."

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