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Five Questions with Vernon Davis



Training Camp has officially begun for the 49ers now that players have checked into the team hotel. We caught up with tight end Vernon Davis to hear how he spent his offseason and his thoughts on the upcoming season.** Q: How does it feel to be checking into the team hotel for another season?
A: I'm excited to see everybody just being here. It's about seeing your teammates and bonding with those guys and building chemistry. But we have to rebuild at this point because we missed so many activities. But, I'm just excited.

Q: How prepared do you feel based on the player-led workouts you participated in this offseason?
A: We're ready as a team. We're ready to play together and win some games and make it to the playoffs. But it all starts here in training camp. This is the foundation. This is where everything starts. I'm glad we're having a training camp, because without training camp, you can't find your identity. This is one of the most important parts right here.

Q: How nice was it for you to return to the building and see some familiar faces?
A: I had a chance to see some guys because I was over there getting my physical and doing things like that. I didn't get caught up with most of the guys, but I'm sure I will on Thursday when we have a team meeting at 8 a.m. It's mandatory, so I'm sure I'll see everyone there.

Q: What are your initial impressions of the new 49ers offense?
A: From what I've seen, the offense looks to be pretty good. I'm sure the coaches are really going to take advantage of all the talent we have as a team and make sure to get all the playmakers the ball. Q: What are you looking forward to most when training camp begins?
A: I'm excited to see the fans. Man, I don't even know what the noise sounds like anymore, it's been so long. But without the fans, it wouldn't be us. It wouldn't be the 49ers. They really show up for us. They really support us. We take our hats off to the fans – all of them – especially the ones who have been here from day one. We appreciate them.

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