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Five Questions with Dashon Goldson


Safety Dashon Goldson has emerged as one of the NFL's biggest hitters this year for the 49ers secondary. The fifth-year player said he's enjoyed working with coaches like defensive backs coach Ed Donatell and defensive coordinator Vic Fangio. spoke with Goldson about the team's recent success and upcoming road game in Washington D.C.

Q: This 49ers defense has yet to allow a rushing touchdown all year, is that something you guys even talk about as a group?
A: Whenever you can hold a team to no rushing touchdowns, that's big time. I think we're the only team left that hasn't done that this year. We really pride ourselves on that. This week we're going to play a team that has some athletic guys out there. They've had success running the ball. And in the passing game, they're still trying to find that go-to guy now that Santana Moss is hurt. But they still have some good players over there so we got to prepare for all of them.

Q: The 49ers lead the NFL in pass breakups this season with 54, what do you attribute that to?
A: Guys just know what they're doing and they're getting to the ball. We're hungry and we want to make plays. Coach (Donatell) has us practicing our ball skills a lot during the week and it's paying off.

Q: What's it been like learning from such a respected coach, like your coordinator Vic Fangio?
A: He's a very smart and intelligent guy. He knows what he's doing. It shows up on gamedays and it shows up at practice. It also shows up in the meeting rooms whenever we come in there and he has a scheme ready for the guys we're going against that week. It takes a smart guy and a guy with a lot of experience to do the things he does and to come up with those schemes.

Q: It seems like there's great chemistry in the locker room this year even with so many newcomers to the team, how does that help you guys produce on the field?
A: That plays a big factor. When you're going out there battling guys, you want to make sure your teammates have your back. I feel like this year the team has grown close and we're playing well. We're meshing well and we're on the path to do good things if we just stay on track and keep doing what we're doing.

Q: Do you plan on doing some sightseeing when the team travels to Washington, D.C. this weekend?
A: I've been to D.C. a couple times on business but I'm only looking forward to this football game. I'm not doing any sightseeing when I'm on these road trips; I'm just waiting in my hotel room until it's Sunday. I think the biggest reason we've been winning on the road is just our overall attitude. We have pride and confidence and guys are just tuning in and figuring out what we're trying to accomplish on gamedays.

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