Eric Wright Surprises Dad with a New Car

Talim Wright didn't have to go on *The Price is Right *to win a new car. The father of San Francisco 49ers cornerback Eric Wright was given a new ride by his son.

Eric Wright never overlooked his father's impact on his NFL career. In fact, the recently re-signed cornerback decided to repay those contributions in a major way.

Eric Wright shared the special moment on his Twitter account. The San Francisco native picked up his father, Talim, at the airport in what appeared to be a new car for the veteran NFL defensive back.

However, the 49ers cornerback surprised his father by asking him to look at the paperwork in the glove box.

"He read his name and address on the paperwork & lost his mind," Eric Wright tweeted. "Tossed him the keys and it was a wrap!! #SoHappy #SuchAGreatFeeling."

Eric Wright shared an example of his father's wisdom and significance of their relationship in a passage on his own website:


Eric Wright's journey to the NFL nearly ended before it began.*

It was 1993. Skinny, eight-year old Eric had barely survived his first Pop Warner practice. It was a far cry from the touch games he was used to playing on the sidewalks of his San Francisco neighborhood.

"The first day, you get pads and then you get hit," he recalled, chuckling. "I wasn't really soft, but I'd never played before. You have more experienced players. I'm getting hit by 10-year-old kids who had been playing for a few years. They kept teeing off on me."

That night, Eric told his father he wanted to quit. Talim Wright's response was simple.

"We've got to be tough," he told his son. "It's going to be like this at times, but you're going to get better. You're going to learn how to protect yourself. You're going to learn how to hit."

Eric remained unconvinced, but persisted. Several weeks later, he entered a game for the first time. It was late in the fourth quarter, and the score was tied.

"They gave me a pitch, a little sweep play," he said. "I took it to the house."

The moment gave Eric the confidence he needed to keep playing, and then some.

Surprise fa my Pops theinfamousmrwright ... #TeamWright #CanNeverRepayHimForHisCountlessSacrifiesForMe — Eric Wright (@EWrighteous21) April 2, 2014

Pops thought that whip was MY new car when I picked him up from the airport.. We got home. Then I said "Hand me that paper out the glove"... — Eric Wright (@EWrighteous21) April 3, 2014

... He read his name and address on the paperwork & lost his mind.. Tossed him the keys and it was a wrap!! #SoHappy #SuchAGreatFeeling — Eric Wright (@EWrighteous21) April 3, 2014

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