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Enough of Practice, NaVorro Bowman is Ready to Hit Somebody

The "MON5T3R" only knows one speed, and that's full-go.

Dating back to the start of the San Francisco 49ers offseason program, the team has been limited in contact during practices. There's a fine line in getting the most out of physical drills without delivering game-speed.

While Kyle Shanahan asks defenders to "thud up" in practice, 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman is eager to lay somebody out.

"I'm ready," Bowman said Thursday. "I have a hard time with practice level, thud level, and game time level. That thud level is kind of difficult for me to manage because I want to go so hard and make the tackle."

The team got their first opportunity at live action in Week 1 of the preseason and no one looked forward to physical contact more than No. 53.

There's no question the feeling is mutual among Bowman's teammates. The Denver Broncos were on the receiving end of that physicality on Wednesday during the first of two joint practices. That escalated to a few sideline-emptying scuffles on Thursday when tempers boiled over. Both teams were separated and sent to their respective benches before resuming play.

View the top images from the second 49ers joint practice with the Denver Broncos.

"We expected it. I think that's football," Bowman said. "We see each other on Sundays. That's our professional time to understand that you can get kicked out and things like that. But this is our time to really be human and be men and really compete, sometimes past the whistle.

"It makes the team stronger sometimes and it shows who can hold their composure. And I think coaches wanted to see both – which team comes together, still can practice, still can focus, while having a guy across from you giving you the looks you want to get."

Both teams get their chance to play at full speed on Saturday as the 49ers host the Broncos in the second game of their preseason matchups.

As for Bowman, Saturday serves as another step closer to the regular season and a Week 1 home game against the Carolina Panthers.

"When season starts, I'll definitely be ready to go," Bowman added.

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