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Draft Panel: Who is the Best QB Prospect in 2017?

Is there a 2017 quarterback prospect worthy of the San Francisco 49ers No. 2 overall pick?

To answer that question, enlisted four of the most esteemed draft experts around the country to weigh in on which signal-caller they like best. Clemson's Deshaun Watson, North Carolina's Mitchell Trubisky and Notre Dame's DeShone Kizer are three candidates attempting to elevate their stock to the top of Round 1.

This is the first installment in what will be a four-part series. These four draft gurus will continue to answer some of the most pertinent questions facing the 49ers before they go on the clock in Philadelphia on April 27.

Here are their choices for the best QB prospect in 2017.

Matt Bowen, ESPN: Deshaun Watson

"I like Deshaun Watson and here's why. At the quarterback position, the first thing I look for is leadership. If you watch him play against Alabama in the National Championship Game, his ability to lead his team and make plays in critical situations, that stuff resonates with me. That's a quarterback I'd want to play with. If you're talking about San Francisco and Kyle Shanahan, someone who is an excellent teacher and knows how to adapt his scheme to his personnel, it's a perfect fit."


Dane Brugler, CBS Sports: Mitchell Trubisky**

"It's Mitchell Trubisky. I think when you look at all these quarterbacks, you can poke holes in all of them. With Trubisky, it's sample size, but I don't think he has a fatal flaw. He's pretty good across the board; he just may not be elite in any of those areas. I think he can be a starter in the NFL for a long time. If I'm in need of a quarterback and I'm picking in the top 10 or top 15, I'm looking hard at Trubisky."

Daniel Jeremiah, NFL Network: DeShone Kizer

"I have three guys up there at the top. I look at Mitchell Trubisky, who had the best tape of anyone this year. I look at DeShone Kizer, whose tape last year was better than anything we saw from anybody this year. And then you've got Deshaun Watson, who's kind of been a steadying force. They're all kind of jumbled in there. Kizer has the most tools to work with in todays NFL."

Will Brinson, CBS Sports: Mitchell Trubisky

"I would take Trubisky. I think he's the best quarterback and the most interesting fit in San Francisco. He's got a big enough arm, he's smart and he's really athletic. The more you watch him, the more you'll be surprised by just how athletic he is. I think he'd be an interesting fit in Kyle Shanahan's system where he can roll out to the edge and take shots downfield."

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