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Do You Have the Best #49ersCar?

In this edition of Niners Daily, we take our cue from San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York, who started interacting with fans this week about a particular car.

Now we are in search of the best 49ers car. After all, the 49ers game on Thursday at NRG Stadium in Houston would require a 1,895-mile road trip.

So get started. Post an image of yours on Twitter, using the hashtag #49ersCar.

*Here are the best candidates so far. *

Oh, and bikes are welcome, too.

Enjoy your drive.

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Best 49ers Cars

A friend sent me this pic. Let me know of this is your car. I have tix to the home opener for you #FaithfulFanContest — Jed York (@JedYork) August 25, 2014

"@navdeepdosanjh: @JedYork this is my car" you get 2 tix for sure — Jed York (@JedYork) August 26, 2014

"@chrisbritton650: @JedYork We're truck people Mr. York. #Niners #Faithful" great truck. Better khakis. #TixWinner — Jed York (@JedYork) August 26, 2014

"@Riri49er: @JedYork Willing to fly out from Philly! I do car shows in area to torture Eagles fans " Love it — Jed York (@JedYork) August 26, 2014

@JedYork ride in style to levis — fernando vilorio (@fernv22420) August 26, 2014

@JedYork wow! And I thought I was doing good in scotts valley with my car — Doug Anderson (@bathebay) August 26, 2014

@JedYork since your taking car pix. This is my QX56 that is used on Sundays in blue 1 — Abdul Momeni (@49erDully) August 26, 2014

@JedYork inside my truck 4 sf headrests 4 49ers embroidered 2 doors 2 speaker box 49ers 4 life!!!! — Shaun Staudinger (@staudinger97) August 26, 2014

@JedYork not as great as the others but i represent as much as i can. — BIGGEST49erfan (@BIGGEST49erfan) August 26, 2014

@JedYork my truck 49ers 4 life!!!! — Shaun Staudinger (@staudinger97) August 26, 2014

@JedYork here is my friends truck. Biggest @49ers fans in the Imperial Valley. Even made the local news paper. — Vincent (@vinnymc819) August 26, 2014

@JedYork Niner Pride with my hot rod! #56Chevy #BelAir #SF49ers #Niners — Bali Singh (@Bali_Pops) August 26, 2014

@JedYork Can the season start any sooner? — John G (@jcg9er) August 26, 2014

@JedYork this is how we roll up #NINERFAITHFUL — everett (@slady_gaga) August 26, 2014

Ok @JedYork that's not my car but i rep this way in Jersey! — Jess (@JM41484) August 25, 2014

@JedYork here's my beach cruiser from a lifer. Go Niners. — Josh Noble (@noble52) August 26, 2014

This is in front of the biggest Niners bar in CA (400 fans per wk) Typhoon Saloon|San Diego #Faithful — DAS IT MANE (@patrickROFL) August 26, 2014

@49ers @JedYork Not mine but the best I have seen. I took photo last year opening game vs Packers at Candlestick — Stan (@stanniner) August 27, 2014

@49ers This is the interior of the red airbrushed challenger. — Maria Flores-Lewis (@Riri49er) August 27, 2014

#49ersCar or Bike! Jed you know me, man! @49ers @JedYork #FaithfulFanContest — darrellwetzel (@DarrellWetzel) August 27, 2014

#49ersCar — Ricky Rosas (@rickyrosas14) August 27, 2014

#49ersCar — Karri Emon-Davidson (@karrianne2011) August 27, 2014

@49ers heres my beast for #49erscar representing #ElPaso Tx — Niner Empire EPT (@NinerEmpireEPT) August 27, 2014

#49erscar 49er faithful hope I get to go to new stadium this year, got married April and picked my wife up in style — dan garcia (@dan79garcia) August 27, 2014

@49ers don't have a "Niner ride" but my ride is always reppin' the Niners....#49ersCar #Faithful — Heather Wright (@hmwsacto) August 27, 2014

#49ersCar one of a kind. — luis d bolanos (@scionracer) August 27, 2014

#49ersCar — Spartan Niner Kahn (@SpartnNinerKahn) August 27, 2014

Supporting all the way from Wisconsin! #49ersCar — Dalton (@DaltonGilby20) August 27, 2014

@49ers @JedYork here is another pic of the truck. #49ersCar — Vincent (@vinnymc819) August 27, 2014

#49erscar — Cedric Robinson (@ced5614) August 27, 2014

#49erscar — Cedric Robinson (@ced5614) August 27, 2014

@JedYork best in the world handmade by me , perfection is obtainable #49ersCar — jtj (@JestheJerky) August 27, 2014

@JedYork 06 jersey on the 93 cobra R , the Tank #49ersCar — jtj (@JestheJerky) August 27, 2014

@49ers @NinersNation @JedYork #49ersCar even made @nbcSNF FB page as niner car — John David Callison (@JDCallison) August 27, 2014

@49ers @JedYork another view of the #49ers56 #49ersCar — Vincent (@vinnymc819) August 27, 2014

In Houston

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The #Texans made several roster moves on Monday. View the full transactions list... HERE: — Houston Texans (@HoustonTexans) August 26, 2014

#Texans head coach Bill O'Brien has 10 goals for Thursday's game. READ: — Houston Texans (@HoustonTexans) August 25, 2014

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