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Devon Cajuste Rides to Training Camp in Style

"Jinx" is the best untold story of Niners training camp.

Wait, what? Who is that?

"Jinx" is Devon Cajuste's bicycle, that's who and what.

Thanks to Torrey Smith's mid-week Instagram story, people now know that the undrafted Stanford wide receiver likes to ride his bike every day to and from training camp. Cajuste caught some flack from his teammates at first, but now they're seeing the value of his unique off-the-field hobby.

"I haven't had a car in five years," the 6-foot-4, 227-pound pass-catcher said on Thursday. "I've always cycled through campus. It grew to be a hobby."

Cajuste's black and orange Trek Domane has been with him since 2015. It replaced a previous set of wheels that was stolen while he was starring for the Cardinal. "Jinx" earned its name after it survived several hiccups: flat tires, broken rims and fallen brake pads. Even so, Cajuste continued to push himself and his beloved bike by going on 20-mile rides in his free time.

The receiver's busy camp schedule keeps him away from his bicycle seat for long excursions, but Cajuste does enjoy beating his teammates back to the team hotel at the end of a long day of work.

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The list of players includes Smith.

"We both left here at the same time," said Cajuste when sharing his side of the veteran's Instagram story. "I left casually; he drove. Then I was waiting for there for him for two minutes."

The bike rides are a minor example of Cajuste's willingness to go the extra mile to earn a roster spot with the Niners.

Following every practice, No. 86 has worked on catching passes from the jugs machine. He's also one of the last players to leave the weight room.

"Everyone here is on the elite level, so what more can I do to get that much better?" Cajuste began. "An edge might be two more inches in the air to get a ball, or another inch could be a first down. This is a game of inches, so I think about how I can do more to get those inches."

Cajuste will get a chance to showcase his personal gains when the Houston Texans visit for a joint practice and preseason game on Friday and Sunday, respectively.

"It's an opportunity," said the reciever who caught 90 passes for 1,589 receiving yards and 14 touchdowns in his four-year career at Stanford. "You have to wait for when you get your chance, you have to make the most of it."

Cajuste might even try to ride "Jinx" into work on Sunday.

"I don't see why not," he said with a grin. "I want to give my parking lot ticket to my mom. I can take the gameday route, so I should be OK with that."

Niner coming in hot! First practice today. #LetMeBeGreat #49ers #AllSmiles

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