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DeForest Buckner Donates Cleats, Jerseys to Hometown Youth Football Teams

The "DeFo Combo" isn't a sequence of defensive moves that DeForest Buckner uses to get to the quarterback (as far as we know, at least). Instead, it's a value meal at Jack in the Box locations in Waianae, Hawaii. The combo is named after Buckner and a portion of the meal's sales will go toward the Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii.

While preparing for his nuptials set for later this month, the San Francisco 49ers defensive lineman returned to his hometown and was named a spokesperson for the fast food chain. On Thursday, Buckner held a meet and greet at a local franchise along with Donna Yano, Vice President of Jack in the Box Hawaii.

"It's crazy how everything's full circle in being able to give back. Being in the NFL, it's given me the stage and platform to give back," Buckner told KHON2 Hawaii News. "That was always one of my goals growing up. One of them was obviously being a professional athlete, but at the same time, being able to be an influence and role model in my community."

Buckner said growing up in Waianae, it was often difficult to find good football equipment. That's why Buckner took his fundraising campaign a step further. Buckner reached into his own pocket and donated uniforms, cleats and equipment to the city's Youth Football Association.

Last summer, Buckner teamed up with the 49ers to hold his first ever youth football camp. Buckner hopes to improve youth exposure to football in the community that saw the beginning of his journey to the NFL.