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Davis Wants More


Vernon Davis didn't have a pass thrown his way until the 49ers second to last offensive series of the game. So when the tight end caught a 19-yard pass to set the 49ers up at the Saints 35-yardline, Davis got a bit overexcited and was seen shouting over to the sidelines.

"I was just fired up," said Davis. "I didn't really say anything to the coaches. I was just fired up. I wanted more."

49ers head coach Mike Nolan pulled Davis out of the game after his reaction so that his player could settle down.

"Coach Nolan is the type of guy who if your emotions start to show, and you get emotional, he'll kind of sit you down until you get your mind clear because he doesn't want you going in and making mistakes or anything like that," explained Davis.

Most of Davis' assignments on the afternoon kept him at the line of scrimmage helping out in pass protection, a credit to his superb blocking ability.

"I love blocking," said Davis. "Everything I do I want to be the best at it – whether it's catching a pass and turning up field and running somebody over, getting a touchdown, blocking for Frank Gore, protecting for JT – I'm going to try to win every snap. That's what I've been doing."

Davis' pass protection prowess has been badly needed by an offense that has surrendered 19 sacks on the year. But, it has perhaps come at the expense of fewer opportunities in the passing game for a player who relishes catching passes.

"I always want the ball. I'd love to every chance I get to get my hands on the ball and catch passes. I'm pretty sure every tight end wants to do that," said Davis.

"I do so well that I guess sometimes they need the help and they tend to keep me in for the protection."

Davis spoke with his head coach on Monday to discuss the late game outburst.

"I was excited. It was my first pass of the game, that's how I am. That's how it is. When I catch a pass I just get excited. I want more of course," said Davis.

As for what transpired in today's conversation with Nolan, Davis said, "Like he said, he's a strong believer that if a guy's emotions start to show and he's excited and all of that, want more, and whatever that might be, he's going to let you clear your mind and get your thoughts together before you go back out there. In the past, guys have made mistakes when they've allowed their emotions to get the best of them."

Monday Injury Update: 

Linebacker Manny Lawson injured his hamstring during a kickoff play in Sunday's loss to the Saints, and did not return.

"I always fear the worst. I've pulled my hamstring before, so I was thinking that's what it was," said Lawson. "When I got to the sideline and started moving around, I knew it wasn't exactly pulled, because I was able to move around."

Lawson was moving around even better on Monday afternoon following the team's film review.

"I'm walking better probably better than I did yesterday so if the rest of it keeps going the same way through it (the week), it could be promising."

Lawson will be addressing students from five Bay Area high schools on Tuesday as part of the NFL's initiative called ATLAS & ATHENA. The program is geared towards high school athletes and was developed to help prevent steroid and other performance enhancing drug use, as well as provide healthy sports nutrition and strength-training.

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