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Davis' Rookie Diary: Crutches Suck



First-round draft pick Vernon Davis shares a diary entry before heading back home for the bye weekend. Enjoy catching up with the 49ers tight end!**

Right now I'm laying on the training table getting stem treatment. It's supposed to help your bone mend and grow. I do it once a day for thirty minutes. I just relax my mind, sometimes I take a nap while I'm here. Today, I am doing my diary.

Being on the crutches sucks. I'm not used to that. I've got two flights of stairs at my place, so that's been interesting. I've got some tricks up my sleeve. At first I was hopping up them like a rabbit but I've gotten it down now.

I can put some of my weight on it now, but it's gotten a little easier.

I can drive now too which is good because I had about two weeks where I couldn't. I had someone driving me around everywhere.

It's been real tough to be out, especially watching when you can't do anything about it. I'm managing it. I'm down about it, but it is what it is. I just have to accept it and work to get back.

Shawne Merriman sent me a text after the game saying he wished I would have played. I answered saying "me too, because I would have blocked you," and he said, "nah, you couldn't," which got a "whatever" in response. I wanted to be able to do his lights out celebration and mess with him, but since I wasn't out there I just had to watch him do it. I think it's pretty cool, although I know some people think it's a little much. He's just trying to get people excited. Everybody has their own style of celebrating.

We started off good but then we just made some mistakes that cost us in the game and unfortunately they really took it to us.

I'm trying to get back for Chicago and am hoping this bye week will give me the time that I need. I really hope I can play in that game but I guess they think it'll be a bit longer.

I've been lifting weights still on my upper body at least. There's nothing I can do in terms of my legs. They are going to send me over Stanford I think to do some treadmill on air. I've never heard of it so I'm anxious to see what it's like.

In the meantime, I'm studying and looking at film and going to all of the meetings. The first two weeks they wouldn't let me go out to practice so I could stay off if it. Now, I'm out there watching everything, which is really hard because you want to play.

I've had family in for about a week. My aunt and cousin and a friend of mine have been out and about, but I've just been chilling with this leg, so no sight seeing for me.

I'm heading out Friday morning to go DC, home of our nation's capital so I can see the rest of my family.

It's the center of politics and things are heating up lately. I used to be into that stuff when I was in junior high. I was in this little youth and government club where I got to go places with the Mayor. I grew out of it, and I think it's too shady now.

I'm going to the homecoming game at Maryland this weekend, and that's about it. I'm also going to get my grandmother a car this week. I recommended a Cadillac, and I think once she sees it, she'll want it. I'm pretty sure she'll like it. I call her my kid because I'm taking care of her now! She used to take care of me but there's been a change in the system!

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