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Davis' Off-season Diary: Commercial Shooting

Tight end Vernon Davis checks in again to update the fans on his first ever off-season. Here's a summary of another week in the off-season life of an NFL athlete!

At the end of last week I flew to Dallas to shoot the Under Armour commercial. It was pretty cool. Jonathan Vilma from the Jets and Vincent Jackson from San Diego were also there. They greased us up with a bunch of oil to look like fake sweat, but it really was a full day of work because we did so many takes. You might think it was a perfect take, but they were looking at every little detail and making sure everything was perfect.


I guess the theme of it is going to be based on the Draft. They had guys running 40s, getting in our sets, catching passes. Trust me, I did well on the Jugs! The shoot is still not over. I think I've got some more to do on Monday in San Francisco.

To give everyone an update on my housing situation, I did find a place in Silver Creek as I had hoped. I should be closing fairly soon on it and I'm looking forward to that.

For the show 49ers Total Access, I went over to visit an art gallery this week and just observe everything for a feature they are going to do because of my art background. They really had some of the coolest things I had ever seen. This one lady designs clothes and I've really never seen anything like her stuff. She had this one wrap-around shirt that was made out of a piece of rubber and some cloth – really just a bunch of stuff like that with cool designs and interesting materials.

Our workouts have gone well this week. I feel like things picked up somewhat in terms of tempo and they got a little tougher. I'm still working with the 10AM group, although I'll actually have to get some work done on my own today as I drove down to Los Angeles yesterday with my cousin for this charity golf tournament.

I'll be back on Sunday, and back at the facility on Monday! I'm very exciting that Frank Gore is getting his extension worked out and I would imagine he'll be in soon to join us for the off-season conditioning program. It'll be good to have another offensive weapon out there!

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