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Davis' Final Off-Season Diary


Last year's first-round draft pick Vernon Davis has shared his first-ever NFL off-season in a series of diary entries over the last five and a half month. With training camp kicking off at the end of next week, Davis wraps up his Off-Season Diaries with this final entry.

I've done some traveling since the OTAs wrapped up about a month ago. I spent a week in London at Wimbledon to watch my friends Serena and Venus Williams play. I wanted to support them and I had a lot of fun over there watching their matches. I didn't shop much when I was there because London is expensive as heck! I did some stuff with ESPN while I was there too, and that's about it, just watched a bunch of tennis.

I also took a trip to Los Angeles and attended the ESPY awards. LeBron James hosted the event and it was pretty cool. I also stopped by the NFL Network and did a segment there. It's probably about my fourth time down at their studio, so I'm pretty comfortable with them. They wanted to talk about the team and our expectations for the upcoming season which I'm sure everyone knows by now is to win and get into the playoffs.

For this last week and a half before I head back to the Bay for training camp, I'm here in Washington DC with my family. I'm going to work a camp this weekend for kids 8 and over. It's a camp for all sports, but I'll help out with the football drills. I'm also training every day, while spending some quality time relaxing with my friends and family before the season gets underway.

This will be my last off-season rookie diary since when I come back it'll be camp time and then I think another rookie will start their own column. I have to say that the off-season seems like it's been very long, and I'm anxious for the season to start. I guess I didn't really know what it would be like since before I was always still in school or training for the draft last year so it's different. The worst part is that a lot of different people come at you wanting you to take part in various things and it's hard to manage your time. The best part of it is that you have a lot of time to really learn, train and get prepared for the season.

I purchased a new home this off-season and I got myself a new dog, both of which I've talked about in this column. My house continues to come together, and while I'm away my dog is in school so hopefully she'll learn to stop eating all of my new furniture!

I've really worked hard this off-season and I hope to come in to camp a smarter player who can really be a leader out there. We all have high expectations for the season and I'm just excited to get it underway.

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