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Daily Show's Madrigal: How to Be a 49ers Fan

San Francisco native and "The Daily Show" correspondent Al Madrigal is a die-hard member of the 49ers Faithful.

Madrigal recently explained his passion for his beloved football team in an appearance on the "Niners 365 Podcast."

"We're looking great considering the losses we had to key players," Madrigal, a respected standup comedian and actor said of the 6-2 team.

Madrigal, along with comedians Tommy Johnagin, Dan Soder and David Huntsberger, have recently been featured in the "Rules of Engagement" series on

All four of the comics got together at the start of the season to help their fellow 49ers Faithful understand the keys to supporting the five-time Super Bowl champions at Candlestick Park.

"Those videos were fun to do," Madrigal said. "It started with a phone call to 49ers Studios talking about how disappointed we were in fans making noise when the offense had the ball. We couldn't understand it."

Madrigal also shared his thoughts on fans doing 'The Wave' at Candlestick.

"'The Wave' is annoying," Madrigal said. "I've never gotten up for a wave in my entire life – even when I was a little kid. Why is annoying doing a wave at a 49ers game? I have no idea."

The incident of fans temporarily participating in "The Wave" while Cardinals defensive end Calais Campbell was injured struck a nerve with Madrigal. The comedian understood that fans in attendance didn't understand what was happening initially and settled down once they realized the severity of the injury.

Even so, Madrigal offered advice for fans during on-field injury moments.

"It's a good time to get something to eat," Madrigal said. "You hope that they're OK, but maybe it's a good time for a restroom break at that point. You certainly don't want to be cheering when somebody is down like that.

"When somebody is down like that for a long time and players are on a knee, that's a sign that something bad is going on down there."

Madrigal went on to explain the 49ers, past and present, who he'd most like to meet. In dropping names the likes of "Hacksaw" Reynolds and Dan Bunz, the San Francisco-based comic proved his well-rounded knowledge of the football team.

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