Colin Kaepernick Sees Potential for Prolific 49ers Offense

Colin Kaepernick counts himself lucky.

And we're not talking about his new contract. We're talking about all of the new pass-catching options he has at his disposal.

The San Francisco 49ers signal-caller was asked whether he believed the team, which is led by incumbents Michael Crabtree, Anquan Boldin and Vernon Davis, could become become more prolific in the passing game.

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"I want to see this offense do whatever it has to do to win games," he said after Thursday's veteran minicamp-wrapping practice. "That's really what's most important. But I'm always good to throw a few more balls.

"I think we have that capability. I think a lot of it is the game plan though. How do we want to attack different teams?"

The Greg Roman-coordinated offense ranked third in rushing and 30th in passing last season. Roman said earlier this week that the offense would undergo some change, if only because of new personnel.

Added to Kaepernick and Co.'s receiving corps this offseason: Bruce Ellington (via the NFL Draft), Stevie Johnson (via trade) and Brandon Lloyd (via free agency). 

"You have a lot of weapons you can put in a lot of different places," Kaepernick said. "You don't necessarily have to worry about where you're positioning people. They're all good route runners. They all have the capability of getting open and making plays."

Kaepernick on Ellington in particular: "Bruce has been amazing out here. He's picked thing up very quickly. Good route runner. Very good feel for the game and he's made plays when we've given him the opportunity.

"I feel like he has game speed. He's faster than he looks and he can separate. So we're very excited about what he can add to this team."

Kaepernick also complimented Garrett Celek: "Vance has made great strides this offseason too. Just being comfortable in the offense, knowing what he's doing and making plays."


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