Colin Kaepernick's 'Sour Patch' B-Day Cake


Colin Kaepernick probably had a similar reaction when he received his belated birthday cake Tuesday night.

The 49ers quarterback loves Sour Patch Kids, so much so, his 26th birthday cake came in the likeness of his favorite candy snack.

Check out Kaepernick's birthday treat and the best birthday tweets for the 49ers quarterback who celebrated his birthday this past Sunday.

Happy birthday @Kaepernick7. — San Francisco 49ers (@49ers) November 3, 2013

Happy birthday @Kaepernick7! The #BeatsPills are Kaepernicking in your honor! — Beats By Dre (@beatsbydre) November 3, 2013

A big Happy Birthday to my little brother @kaepernick7 You're always signing stuff and riding white… — Kyle Kaepernick (@DarthKaepernick) November 3, 2013

@Kaepernick7 Happy Birthday your majesty! You've made us proud for 26 wonderful years. I love you! — Teresa Kaepernick (@mommakaep) November 3, 2013

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