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Colin Kaepernick Featured in ESPN, Marvel Comic Video

  • In this Wednesday edition of Niners Daily, we look at a story from Colin Kaepernick's childhood told through the prism of a comic book.*

ESPN partnered up with Marvel this week to feature star athletes and their origins. The series likens players to comic book characters, with the idea of showing how they became "superheroes."

The San Francisco 49ers starting quarterback's segment centers on an experience as an eighth grader playing travel baseball. During one particular game, Kaepernick struggled in the field and at the plate and let his emotions get the best of him.

"To put it lightly, I had a terrible attitude," Kaepernick said. 

After Kaepernick went to bed that night, his dad wrote him a letter explaining that his performance was no one's fault but his own. 

"Regardless of how you play, your attitude is something you can always control," Kaepernick's father, Rick, wrote.

Kaepernick said that moment changed his mindset forever, and he still relies on the advice to this day.

The video includes some incredible graphics that bring the story to life. It's worth watching to get a peak into Kaepernick's oft-guarded world.

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