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Colin Kaepernick Discusses How 49ers Can Rebound from Packers Loss

In Colin Kaepernick's mind, he has only one option in front of him as he tries to help the San Francisco 49ers bounce back from three straight losses.

"Study as much as I can and work as much I as I can; that's the only way I know how to fix things," Kaepernick said postgame on Sunday. "Talking about things and analyzing things is good and has its place, but at the end of the day you have to work to get better."

There will be plenty to work on in the upcoming week before the 49ers travel to New York to face the Giants on "Sunday Night Football."

For now, here are seven other notable comments Kaepernick made following San Francisco's 17-3 defeat at the hands of the unbeaten Green Bay Packers.

1. Kaepernick finished the afternoon completing 13-of-25 passes for 160 yards and an interception. More than half of those yards, however, came on two plays. Quinton Patton took a shovel pass 40 yards in the first half, and Torrey Smith caught a 47-yard pass down the right sideline in the second half.

"It's something that we have to find our rhythm and get back on track and string plays together," Kaepernick said. "When we do that, we have pretty successful drives. But getting those plays strung together is where we've struggled this fall."


2.** The Packers deployed a similar defense to what the Arizona Cardinals showed last week, according to Kaepernick. The objective? Pressure the quarterback. Green Bay ended up sacking Kaepernick six times on Sunday.

"We have to be able to get the ball out quick," Kaepernick said. "We have to be able to get the ball into our playmakers' hands as soon as we can."

3. Reporters asked Kaepernick what the conversations were like on the sideline with Smith and Anquan Boldin, who combined for five catches.

"They're playmakers for this team, and they want to contribute," Kaepernick said. "They want to have an impact. We weren't able to get the ball to them and allow them to have that impact until later in the game, so I understand the frustration. It's a team game though and they want to win."

4. Kaepernick made a point to take responsibility for an errant throw to Reggie Bush in the red zone. Midway through the fourth quarter with the 49ers trying to close the gap to one possession, Kaepernick had Bush open in the middle of the field for a first down but missed his mark. Two incompletions later and San Francisco turned the ball over on downs.

"I would say the one throw I want to have back is the one to Reggie," Kaepernick said. "He made a great move, and I didn't make the throw."


5.** For the second time in four games this season, Kaepernick led the 49ers in rushing. The quarterback carried the ball 10 times for 57 yards, mostly on the read-option in the first half.

"It was part of the gameplan, depending on what the Packers were going to do to us as far as their scheme," Kaepernick said. "Early in the game, they gave us those opportunities and we were able to take advantage. Later in the game, they started to take those things away."

6. When asked about a Clay Matthews hit after he had handed the ball off to Pierre Garçon, Kaepernick said he felt the referees should have called a penalty.

"To me, not only did I not have the ball but it was also targeting the head," Kaepernick said. "But to me, we're onto the next play. I can't sit there and complain about it."

7. Although the offense has managed just 10 points in the last two games, Kaepernick expressed confidence in the unit working out the kinks moving forward.

"We've done things well in different places in games," Kaepernick said. "We have to be comfortable doing everything that this offense has to offer well. … We're trying as hard as we can to make sure we're doing things right and on the right track."

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