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Colin Kaepernick Arm Wrestles on "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

If you want to beat Colin Kaepernick in an arm-wrestling battle, there's only one way to do it.

Bite his hand.

That was the tact used by Jimmy Kimmel's Cousin Sal, a frequent contributor on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." Kaepernick accepted Sal's arm-wrestling challenge as part of an online commercial for the new Visa Checkout service.

Sal challenged Kaepernick as well as Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Kimmel's cousin used diversion tactics to win all three matchups.

The video features the biting incident at the 1:02 mark, but the whole clip is 1:43 in length so you'll probably have enough time to spare in your day to watch the entire bit.

So what did Sal say about Kaepernick after cheating to win?

"Colin Kaepernick tastes delicious."

Kap, too, had fun with the filming. He shared this image on his Instagram account:

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