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Coach's Notebook: Sept. 28



Coach Jim Harbaugh addressed the media on Friday before boarding a flight to New York for the Week 4 49ers matchup vs. the Jets.How was the week of preparation? Was it very similar to a year ago?**

"Yeah, very good and very similar. And we have a lot of people to thank, people of Youngstown. The great staff here at the Holiday Inn and [Head Coach] Eric Wolford and his staff over at Youngstown State. Everybody couldn't have been nicer and more accommodating. Felt very welcomed here. And as always, good concentration, good focus by our team. And very good work."

Were you happy that you got in a couple of practices in the rain, just to kind to get used to playing in those conditions?
"Yes. We don't get that opportunity very often. And we all thought it was very helpful."

Do you have a sense of whether you'll have RB Brandon Jacobs and WR Ted Ginn Jr. available on Sunday?
"Yeah, we have a pretty good sense. And they've both come along very well. But, again we'll list them both as questionable for the game, because it still is."

And at this point is it probably no NT Isaac Sopoaga?
"Questionable as well."

What about LB Joe Staley and P Andy Lee?
"They should be good to go."

Looking back on last season, why do you think you guys were able to rebound so well after losses?
"I think our football team prepares very well. Good football team. Confident team. And it's very important to them. Performing well, winning, is something that's very important to this team."

Obviously, you won't be asked about the replacement refs anymore, but I will ask you about the regular refs. Is that kind of a relief for you that that thing has been settled and you can just move forward?
"The same approach for us as we prepare. I think, yes, it's a good thing. And our team's preparation hasn't changed a bit."

I understand that the high school team from Warren, OH, came and watched the practice today. Did you meet with them? And can you talk about what that meant for WR Mario Manningham, who obviously played there?
"A lot of that was Mario's doing. They contacted Mario and asked if they could come on over, and it was a pleasure having them at the practice. They didn't stay for the whole practice, or really get the opportunity to visit with the team, but it was a classy bunch. I thought that was a good thing. And I think it's been for a lot of our Mid-West players, our Ohio players, Cleveland guys, having their parents there, their children there at some of these practices. A real positive thing for our Mid-West and East coast guys."

When Ted Ginn Jr. returns, will he assume the kickoff and punt return duties?
"Well, that's something that we'll assess, and won't reveal until it actually happens."

It seems like the last couple weeks in particular, WR Michael Crabtree and QB Alex Smith have really locked in, especially on third downs. With their situation at cornerback, do you expect that the Jets will really hone in on Michael more than they might otherwise might?
"I heard that as the Jets honing in on Michael Crabtree. Was that the question?"

"It's a possibility. We're sure they won't reveal that until game time, through the course of the game. But, it's possible."

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