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Coach's Notebook: Oct. 27



Jim Harbaugh addressed the media on Saturday prior to his team's appearance on "Monday Night Football."How are you?**"Great. Great. Very excited for [49ers CEO] Jed and Danielle York, and the entire York family on the birth of their son this morning. Good measurables and a strong name. But, the most exciting thing is that Jaxon's with us now and the 49ers have more depth. And we're very excited about it, excited for them."

Another boy. You guys are all producing boys out of here. You're going to have your own football team."We're on a little run. We've got a little run going of boys around here."

LS Brian Jennings, G Mike Iupati, yourself."Yeah, yeah, yeah."

Well done."Thank you. Can't argue with you, can only agree [laughs]."

Does it seem like it's been a while since you're last game? I mean, you've had, what, 10 days in between games here? Knowing how much you love preparation, have you thoroughly enjoyed these extra days of preparation?"We believe so. We believe we've gotten a lot out of it. It's been a real productive week. And there's still more to go. Get some vital rest tonight and then come back tomorrow and another work out, meetings before we leave for Arizona. But, I think it's been a good week."

Do you get an extra sense of pride playing in a back-to-back prime time games?"Haven't thought of that, that way. But, suppose you could say that."

Do you have any particular Monday night memories from your time as a player? Anything eak out to you?"Yes, yes. Some good, some bad."

Was that the former Bears head coach Mike Ditka moment?"That wasn't a Monday night. That was not a Monday night. Everybody thinks that was a Monday night. When he was yelling at me? On the sideline? That was a Sunday game."

Was it a Sunday night?"I think it was just a regular Sunday game. I've seen that printed where people say it was a Monday night game. But, I don't think that was."

What were some of the good ones?"There was a few. There was a few wins in there. I don't remember how many."

This time last week, RB Frank Gore was obviously still in quite a bit of pain. Do you have a sense of where he is right now physically as far as his ribs?"Not exactly. He looks good."

The way he runs, he runs so hard and takes such a beating. Obviously, we know how highly you think of Frank. But, do you just take a step back and just realize how tough this guy is, what he goes through?"Every day. Every day my admiration for Frank Gore as a football player, every time you think it's as high as it can be then he finds another wrung on the ladder to go in my esteem. And then even more so as a person. He's just one of the finest guys you ever want to be around. He'd do anything for the team. And is just a football player, in all senses of the word, phrase."

For the two years you've been here, we've talked so much about how strong the front seven is on defense, what they mean to the team and justifiably so. But, how well would you say that the secondary is playing, the back end? How well are they playing now? Are they catching up to the front end?"They're playing great. So are the linebackers, so are the defensive line. I don't think anybody's catching up with anybody. They're playing outstanding together. Team defense is so predicated on that, within the framework of the defense, playing as a unit, playing together, very, very important on defense. I think they're playing very well together."

Do you think when the secondary is together, the same four guys for a year that maybe you see it more in a secondary because those guys have to work in synchronicity so much?"I do. Yeah. So much communication on the back end, communicating calls, communicating leverage, strength, formation, what the call is, technique they're going to play. There's a lot of communication that takes place back there."

QB Alex Smith said he thought he benefitted from having three days off where he didn't throw, just as far as his finger was concerned. Can you tell any difference in the way he's chucking it in practice this week?"Yeah, it was a good week throwing the ball, very good this week. I think he feels very good physically. Confident going into the game and ready to roll."

If that was an issue, do you think that's something that's behind him?"[Nodded yes]."

Indiana basketball is number one."Yeah, saw that. That's a big deal."

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