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Clements' Coverage: The Giants


Pro Bowl cornerback Nate Clements previews the New York Giants in this latest installment of Clements' Coverage.  

The Giants have got a good offense. They are establishing the run game and then really opening up their passing game off of that and they are really throwing the ball as far as efficiency goes pretty well right now.

Their run game is just an example of backups really stepping up. They've had some of their guys banged up which can happen to running backs because all 11 guys on defense are trying to bring them down. They started the year with Brandon Jacobs, but then he got hurt. Then Derrick Ward got a little nicked up too, and so they went more to Reuben Droughns and they've all been effective. Droughns took a bunch of the carries on Monday night and he's no slouch. He started at Cleveland and Denver and he's pretty good. Jacobs is a big back, a downhill guy and hard to bring down once he gets going. Ward is more versatile as far as being able to catch passes in the flat and out of the backfield and he can run the rock as well. Droughns is also more of an all-around back.

Quarterback Eli Manning is coming on and he's another guy who you don't want to allow to get into a rhythm.  I've noticed on film that he really knows right away where the ball is going to go and he's doing a good job of looking guys off.

His main guy is Plaxico Burress, who is having a stellar year right now. The offense is getting the ball in the hands of their skill players, and Burress is definitely the top guy. He and Eli definitely have something going on right now with their chemistry. They are doing exactly what you want your QB and WR to do in that Eli is getting Burress the ball, and Burress is scoring with it.

Every week is a new challenge for our secondary because we've faced some very talented receivers, but what makes Burress different is that he's a big, tall receiver who can really run, and yet he's very strong and physical. I think he's a unique player in this league.

Another guy we'll have to cover on our end is Amani Toomer. He's a veteran receiver and he's very smart. He knows how to get open and he's another big receiver who knows how to use his body.

They've also got a threat at tight end in Jeremy Shockey. To me, he's a receiver playing tight end. He can run, he's got good moves and I've noticed that he's blocking a lot better too for them this year.

I never really worry about their defense because that's the job for our offense, but it's clear that for the Giants defense, it starts up front. Their defensive line is really getting after guys and that's making it a whole lot easier for their back end.

That's a key for us too. It starts up front with our defensive line getting after these guys and making our job a whole lot easier. The Giants have an offensive line that maybe doesn't have a bunch of Pro Bowlers like some we've faced, but they are not slouches by any means. They've done a good job rushing the ball and they haven't given up a whole lot of sacks, so they are a challenge.

I have played at their stadium fairly often. It's an older stadium and it can get pretty loud in there, but that isn't anything I can't handle, or anything that we can't handle as a team.

We had the bye to get things ironed out and now it's time to just go out there and play solid ball and come home with a win.

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