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Carlos Hyde: 'If Guys Keep That Fight, We're Going to Get It'

It was a heartbreaker on Sunday as the San Francisco 49ers fell to the Arizona Cardinals, 18-15, in overtime. Larry Fitzgerald's walk-off touchdown with 38 seconds left on the clock handed San Francisco its fourth-straight loss to open the 2017 season.

Take a look at some of the notable postgame quotes following the 49ers Week 4 crushing loss to the Cardinals.

Kyle Shanahan on the 49ers passing game:

"You have to throw and catch better. It's as simple as that, or at least it was in this game, from what I saw. When guys are open and you have the time, you have to hit them. When he does hit you, you have to catch it. I know nobody's perfect, but there was way too much of that between both positions today."

Shanahan on Pierre Garçon's limited snaps:

"He wasn't on a pitch count, but we knew he was banged up all week so we wanted to make sure to keep him fresher. We planned on getting (Matt) Breida in there but by no means did we limit the numbers or say it what it was going to be. That just goes off of the momentum of the game. We have a lot of confidence in all of our backs. But yeah, we knew Carlos was hurting a little bit all week. It seemed like he did a good job today. You'd have to ask him how he feels, but our plan was to get all our guys going."

 Shanahan on his message to the team:

"Same as it has been. We have to get better. If I thought we were lacking effort in anything, it would be different. I felt like our guys fought hard. They wanted that win as much as anyone. I thought we put ourselves in position to get that win. Working hard isn't going to guarantee you anything. You have to play at a high level, and I thought we did at times. We had lots of opportunities that we missed. This league is too tough. You don't miss opportunities in a game. Throwing the ball, catching the ball, penalties, we can't make it harder for ourselves. I feel that we are in a position to win."

QB Pierre Garçon on the miscues in the passing game:

"I have to go back and watch the film. Obviously, I probably missed a few throws. I have to get that figured out and then just keep going. I think the one thing that comes to mind is we had some drives going, but then we would shoot ourselves in the foot with a penalty. We have to avoid that. It is frustrating when you get so close and the difference in the game was one touchdown and we have to be able to score touchdowns when we get in the red area. We will go back and look at the film and see what we can do better."

Hoyer on the incomplete 3rd-and-goal pass in overtime:

"We were looking for man coverage and hoping that we could get some one-on-ones. It just wasn't there. Obviously, in that situation, you don't want to hold on to the ball since you are already there in field goal range. You don't wait too long to see if guys get open, just throw it away and go get a field goal."

Hoyer on the Cardinals walk-off touchdown:

"That is tough. The defense gave us plenty of chances to win the game too. At the end, they were the ones out on the field. That is just the way it goes sometimes. That is one of the best receivers of all-time going up and making a play. I think we will look at the film. You can never pin-point it to one play or one drive. There is going to be 50 plays in that game, offense, defense, and special teams that could have changed the outcome. We have to figure out how to get that one so it changes the outcome in our favor.

WR Trent Taylor on the 49ers still looking for their first victory:

"Whenever a game ends the way that it did today, it's going to sting a little bit more. Just the fact that you still haven't gotten that first win yet, that's something that you're working on. You just have to dig down deeper and find a way."

LB Eli Harold on the 49ers loss:

"It's sickening. It hurts so bad. That Seattle game, I never felt so bad after a game in my life. Last week, I never felt so bad after a game in my life. Now, I've never felt so bad after a game in my life. It hurts. It really does. No one feels good, but all we can do is attack next week and try to steal one on the road. That's the ultimate goal. We try to go 1-0 every week. We didn't go 1-0 this week, so next week we'll try to go 1-0."

RB Carlos Hyde on the team's narrow defeat:

"I'm loving the fight. If I'm comparing this year to last year, the fight is there. We keep fighting. We're close. This is the third straight game where we could have walked away with a win. We're going to get it. If guys keep that fight, we're going to get it. It's just a matter of time. And once we get it, nobody is going to be able to stop us."

Hyde on the status of his hip injury:

"I felt alright. I didn't feel like myself all the way, but I felt like I could still be effective. I had to manage it a little bit, just taking a breather. It still felt good.

"I played a whole game today, so we'll see tomorrow how I feel. Right now I feel fine. I felt it a little bit in the game, but it didn't slow me down, so we'll see tomorrow."

LB NaVorro Bowman on losing another close game:

"It sucks. We've put the work in, we just have to finish. We relayed the message to the guys. I strongly believe that we have more in the tank, we've yet to reach our full potential and I've stressed to them that I'm excited to get back to work because we're letting teams off the hook. We definitely can play a full a 60-minute game and could have won a few of these games that we let slip by. I just stressed to them to get over it, get back to work because there's more in the tank."

Bowman on the 49ers mentality this season:

"It's very different. We understand what 49er football is and we've got some new additions that we need to contribute to that and once we get that, the potential is looking good for us I believe."

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