Camp Spotlight: QB O'Sullivan





Name all Places you've been to for Camp: New Orleans was in Thibodeaux, Lousiana at Nichols St. Green Bay was at St. Norberts which is kind of close to Green Bay. Minnesota was at Minnesota's facility, Detroit was at Detroit's facility and here in Santa Clara

Best so Far: Here

Camp Must Have: Cell, laptop, DVD's. I like to bring seasons of TV shows I've never seen before. Now, I'm on Mad Men. I think it won an Emmy for best drama. I get turned on to a lot of good shows doing that. I got turned on to Lost, and 24 as well. I also rely on packages from the family to replenish the TV seasons, so hopefully I have a package coming here pretty soon.
Hardest Part of Camp: The amount of concentration it takes to be a pro every day. The long days can challenge you - mentally in the classroom and being on top of it to going back to the hotel to study and then being able to translate that immediately to the field. You can't have peaks and valleys - you gotta show you can do it all the time consistently.
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Favorite Camp Memory: Probably my first one was the most memorable for me, just because you totally have no idea what's in store for you. You hear about rookie hazing or what you might have to do, and you're just walking around on eggshells, always nervous that they're going to make you do something ridiculous. The longer you're around the more you realize it's not a big deal. You come in with a mindset that it's going to be a lot harder than it is.

Worst Camp Memory: I think the worst camp memory is always getting released. (Green Bay and Minnesota). That's easily the worst part. Also in Minnesota at some school once in Mankato we were in terrible dorm rooms sleeping on mattresses on the ground. I think there were twin bed frames, so we just put queen-sized beds on the floor.

Best Part of Camp: Probably good nights off. You feel like you earned it. It doesn't seem like a lot but a night off from camp is kind of a reason to relax.

Best Camp Prank: I got wind my rookie year that they were going to sneak in my room and pour garbage cans full of cold water on you – which is not cool. I ended up sleeping in a  room of someone who had been released. They came in to get me and they threw the water on my mattress and I was in a different room, different floor. I'm still pretty proud of that.

Best Camp Brawl: It was with the Saints - DE Charles Grant and T Kyle Turley. Kyle Turley is, Kyle Turley, and Charles wasn't going to take any of it. He took him to the ground, ripped his face-mask off his helmet and started pounding on him. Charles was a rookie, and Kyle was in his Kyle Turley vibe. It was a welcome to the NFL kind of moment. That was the most gruesome one I've seen.

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"Camp is just plenty of football. It's not all bad because playing football is the reward. You get to come out throw it around, play catch and compete. It's just that camp grind of always being focused and always being attentive at meetings, and getting something out of it and not just being there. You're trying to get better and that's really the hardest part. You are constantly trying not to miss an opportunity to learn something. In the end it's still playing football, it's not that hard. Especially playing quarterback, I think other guys have it harder, getting beat up all the time."
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"Against Oakland, he stepped in and did some good things as well. Everything doesn't play out as you hope when you get to the line of scrimmage. There are reactions that go with every play. Sometimes a defense did something you didn't expect, maybe they even do what you expect, but they have a good player who overcomes something. I think he has handled that pretty well. He did a nice job of that the other day. I also thought the other guys did a pretty good job of that but that is one of the things I saw a few times where he improvised and made a couple of plays."  - Head Coach Mike Nolan
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