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Camp Spotlight: DE Justin Smith



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Training Camp Tidbits

Best Camp Brawl: I've never had too many myself, but I've seen some in the locker room without helmets. That's probably the craziest.

Weirdest thing anyone has ever brought to Camp: Brian Robinson, a defensive lineman in Cincy brought a hyperbaric chamber

Camp Ritual: Lay down and get a nap between practices

Camp Paranoia: Being late. I wake up every morning about 6 and sleep for about 20 minutes at a time until it's time to really get up.

Camp Must Have: A fan, I've got to have my noise so I can sleep. 
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Hardest Camp Drill: Two-minute drill, you don't get any breath
Night off routine: Just go home, relax and get away from it for 10-12 hours

Best Camp Prank: I always thought it was funny when we'd bring tow trucks in and tow all of the cars off, or when we'd put them up on blocks. Everyone is wondering where their rims are on and all of that crap. It's funny.

Worst Camp Rookie Singer: They are all bad. Some guys could pass as just okay, but  for the most part, they're all bad. That's why we play football.

Worst Thing about Camp: No time off your feet. You are always on your feet at practice or going to a meeting. There's just no down time, and the days are long.

Best Camp Memory: The day Camp breaks is my best memory. 
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"It's just a grind. You are here for a month and you are on lockdown. You get here about 7:30AM and leave at 10 or 10:30PM. It's a long haul. If you feel like you want to live forever, just go to training camp because that's how it feels. It's a necessary evil to wear everyone down and then get them ready I guess. I just hope to come out of it healthy, and knowing this defense inside and out." 
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"Everybody is still a work in progress, but he's a heck of a guy. He's very smart and he's really very hard working. His approach to the whole game is relentless. I'm excited about a bunch of my guys and he's obviously one of them. He's been in the NFL for eight years and you've seen him be relentless for the last eight years so that's not going to change." - D-line Coach Jim Tomsula
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