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Brunner's Blog: Woodstock



College area scout Todd Brunner continues his blog from the road. In addition to his school visits, he took a detour for a look at Woodstock. Find out more about his travels in this latest blog.**

Monday as I said I was going to do when I left off with everyone last week, I went back into Boston College to watch tape. There were probably six or seven scouts in there watching tape, most of which were at the game on Saturday. I spent some extra time watching tape of the game because I was also looking at the Maine players. But in terms of B.C., they've got two offensive linemen which is no surprise because B.C. is known for their linemen. These guys are no different. They are big, strong, nasty players.

I stayed in Boston that evening and I did have clam chowder again. It's just too good to pass up when you are in that area.

Tuesday morning I headed to Albany State, New York. I checked out three players, one of which was an ex-baseball player at Albany. This is his first year playing football at Albany, although he played it in high school. He's a senior so that's unique. Athletically he has all of the tools. He's not technique sound right now though. They've got him playing defensive back and he's definitely someone to keep an eye on through the year because he's got all of the attributes.

I next went and visited Marist College, a I-AA school in New York.

On the drive from Albany to Marist, I saw the exit for Woodstock, New York where the concert took place. Given my fondness for music, I had to get off at that exit and drive through the town. It's like all old New York towns, old. It's an older farm town. While I was driving around, I was just thinking about Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Rolling Stones all of those people performing there. When I got back on the highway, I remembered reading about how traffic was backed up 20 miles because of all the people that were going to Woodstock for that infamous show and thought I was glad I was not sitting in that kind of traffic, although I would have loved that concert.

But, back to Marist. I took a look at a very productive wide receiver and found out after visiting with him that he attended the same high school as my wife, but obviously not at the same time.

I capped off the week by going to Army, my first visit there ever. I've normally watched them just on tape and then attend the Army/Navy game but we are now asked to physically go to every school and it's 20 miles from Marist so that was my natural next stop. Being at the school and the stadium, the history that comes out of there is unbelievable. I was fascinated by the entire visit, the atmosphere, campus and everything.
I met with Stan Brock, a longtime NFL offensive lineman who now coaches their line at Army because they've got an offensive lineman prospect. Another one of their assistants is the brother of Ethan Waugh, our player personnel assistant who we check in with every week when we send in our reports. The prospect there is a very strong player who has the ability to play multiple positions and possibly has the opportunity to get in a camp next year.

I drove by the cemetery there where I'm sure there are a lot of ghosts walking around.

They've had three Heismann winners whose names are up in the stadium two of which are Glenn Davis and Doc Blanchard – they were called Mr. Inside and Mr. Outside because of their running ability. These were back in the days when Army was a national power, in the 40s when they won three national championships in a row.

I left the campus in amazement of everything – from the history to the cadets marching, and the beauty of the campus along the banks of the Hudson River. It's really one place I think everyone should get to experience at least once.

I left there Thursday night, headed home, put together my expense reports (those are an evil necessary) and then did final touch ups on my scouting reports.

I went to the Rowen University/College of New Jersey game, one that you would not have found on any of the ESPN channels. I was watching the defensive end/linebacker from Rowen some more. It was a good game. It was a defensive battle. He played well. If you can find the right spot for him, he's got a chance to get in someone's camp. It was a fun game to be at and it was bitter cold. It was jammed packed with students. I watched part of the game in the press box and part of the game in the stands. I never got to enjoy sitting in the stands while I was in college since I was playing, so it's makes you realize it would have been fun to be a student enjoying the game like that.

I'm extremely happy that we won yesterday. Now, I don't have to go in miserable to every school. I listened to it on the radio as I was driving down to Maryland. On the 4th and 1, they were saying we made it on the radio so I'd be curious to actually see those plays. They never showed those on the highlights so I'll try to get a game tape at some point and watch those.

At any rate, we won and that's a great feeling. It definitely gives you a lift especially when so many of our young guys played so well.

I'll check in again next week –

Todd Brunner

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