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Brunner's Blog: Rutgers on a Roll



College area scout Todd Brunner covered some significant ground this week as he continues his search for top talent! Find out where his search took him in the last week in this latest blog. **
Tuesday I went to University of Buffalo and checked out three players. I met with the coaches there. They've got a new coaching staff. The old Nebraska quarterback Turner Gill is the head guy. They are trying to do the right things and hopefully they can get it turned around there. One of the players there  is Gene Upshaw's nephew. He's a tight end and he's got decent hands and I think he's got a chance of getting in someone's camp.

The Anchor Bar is the original home of buffalo wings but Duff's is pretty good and I've heard from some people that it might be even better so that's where I went. They were very good. Normally I get hot wings but I got medium and they were definitely hot. You needed a towel to dry off after eating those.

From there I went to Syracuse and watched practice and tape, talked to the head coach. They've got a handful of guys, most intriguing is a corner. He's an interesting specimen. They've got two linebackers who are also good looking kids and have a chance. A couple of them have a chance to be drafted so we've got to keep an eye on them.

Wednesday afternoon I left Syracuse and drove over to watch practice at Albany because they have a corner there that I wanted to see in action. I'm glad I went.

I continued on that evening to Amherst and checked into my hotel. Thursday morning I went over to the University of Massachusetts. I met with the coaches there in the morning and watched tape on five of their guys. Of all the I-AA's I've been to, personally I think these guys are the best team that I've looked at this season. They are fifth in the country right now. They've got a running back, a punter, wide receiver, and two safeties. The wide receiver is the son of University of Virginia and ex-NFL coach Mike London. His kid looks the part, has nice size and good hands. He should be in someone's camp, if not drafted next year. Being the son of a coach, you can see that he understands the game and how to prepare for it.

On Thursday night I drove over to Boston and it was actually a long day because they didn't practice until 5PM. I actually went over to Barnes & Noble for a few hours to work on my reports in between watching tape and waiting for practice to start which was a nice atmosphere. I enjoy going there because it's quiet.

Friday morning I went back into Boston College for my second look and watched tape of the three games they've played since I was last there. Like I've said before, their offensive line is their strong suit, and I'm a fan of their guys there.

They were actually playing the University of Buffalo on Saturday so Friday night I met up with their offensive coordinator who was a wide receiver coach in Philadelphia during my time there. I enjoyed getting together with him.

Saturday I attended the game and as expected B.C. dominated from the start even though it was a  monsoon. The rain was unbelievable. The Northeast had a ton of rain this weekend and most of it came during the game.

I drove home from Boston Saturday night and then on Sunday night I went to the Rutgers/UCONN game. The Rutgers won and they are one of three undefeated teams in the Big East. Their next game is November 9 against Louisville which will be the biggest game in Rutgers history as both of these teams are currently undefeated.

There's a lot of buzz and excitement around here in regards to this Rutgers team. This is the first time they've been 8-0 in I think over 30 years. They are ranked 12th right now in the BCS, and I'll be going in there this week to watch tape on all of their prospects, and I'll tell you about that in my next blog.

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