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Brunner's Blog: Pro Days End



Area scout Todd Brunner wrapped up the last of his Pro Days last week. Find out what schools he visited and what he saw in this latest blog!**

Last Friday ended with a Pro Day at Villanova where 46 kids showed up to work out for about 12 different NFL scouts. There were kids from Villanova obviously, but also players from other schools in Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia area. We finished the workout in three hours and we put each player through each and every test, so we left no stone unturned while managing to run an efficient workout. It really gave us a chance to get some verified numbers on a lot of the guys, and there were probably some players who will be signed as free agents, but I don't really see any of them being drafted.

I enjoyed a very nice weekend with my daughter. We actually flew down to Florida to spend the weekend with my dad, who was a longtime scout for the 49ers too at one point. He's retired now, although he does some scouting part time for the Canadian League. We talked a little shop, but for the most part caught some of spring training and relaxed.

On Wednesday night I drove over to Central Connecticut for their Thursday workout. There were about seven NFL scouts at this Pro Day, and most of them were there I'd guess to take a look at this running back who had transferred over from Rutgers and enjoyed a solid season. He really just did okay. He looked a little out of shape, so I think if he gets himself into top shape again he'll have a chance to land somewhere. He ran in the high 4.5's on a track.

That night I drove over to New Hampshire and then attended a workout their on Friday. There's a cornerback there, Corey Graham, who broke his leg during the season and had thus scheduled a later workout. About 12-15 scouts showed up to watch him, although he's really still not 100%. The wide receiver David Ball also worked out and basically ran what was expected. He's the kid who broke Jerry Rice's college touchdown record.

We were a little worried because we were running kids in their field house which they were in the process of setting up for some kayak/boat show. We literally had to clear a path in between boats for the 40, and the whole time I was just worried that they'd be carrying in one of the kayaks and take a poor kid out during his 40. Thankfully that did not occur and the workout came to a safe conclusion, and I then enjoyed the 380 mile drive back home and unfortunately hit some of the Friday rush hour traffic.

I've got a private workout scheduled next week (can't reveal who or where) but other than that, I'm done with my Pro Days. I'll check in again when I get back to Santa Clara on April 15th for our final round of draft meetings.

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